Posted by: docdenbow | April 25, 2013

Why Does The News Tell Lies?

Well here we go again. In the UK the Daily Mail has seemingly led the way with another wild story about Bigfoot aka Sasquatch aka Squatch. (Thanks to Bobo for that last epithet) This news has seemingly set the Squatch world alight as it is viewed as a giant maybe that could prove once and for all the existence of a rather large bipedal hominid strolling through some of the more remote areas of the good ole U.S. of A. Of course it’s very easy to simply dismiss this find as nothing more earth shattering than the paw of a deceased bear, but I suppose *tests* will have to be done.

The question is, who is to carry out these *tests?* Will it be some *expert* from within the *Bigfoot Community?* Well recently we had a Dr. Melba S. Ketchum announcing that she had made a breakthrough regarding *Bigfoot DNA.* The simple fact that this news has not exactly set the *Bigfoot Community* alight giving the members unequivocal proof that our giant hairy chum actually exists. So, the DNA evidence has been largely ignored as even the most ardent member of the BFRO has remained sceptical. Will they be bouncing up and down as a result of this news?

In my opinion the answer to that question is a resounding *no.* Even the Famous Four of Discovery Animal Planet’s *Finding Bigfoot* are intelligent enough to realize that sightings are not always what they seem, they dismiss some photographs as *blobsquatch* and do not usually  accept evidence on face value. So whilst the discovery is interesting, it is likely to turn out like so many others to be another false positive. Furthermore, in none of the news reports does it give any indication as to how large this rotting appendage really is. Someone has decided that it appears human, so if it appears human then what precludes the obvious? There are some big men who play basketball for example and they have huge feet. So perhaps the foot belonged to a very large woodsmen. I guess the jury is out for the moment.

In many news stories the *facts* are presented in such a way that many people make a rush to judge. However, on many occasions these days the news is portrayed in such a way as to exploit and reinforce the blind prejudice of the population at large. In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing we were led to believe that the suspects were *not white.* These *suspects* were variously described as brown or black by the news programmes. This wasn’t just the lunatic end of the news media – this was the mighty CNN.

But were these conclusions based on anything besides social media? Life imitating art you could say. Every nook and cranny of the social media websites was filled with speculative images of anyone who looked other than the *All American* aryan. The conclusion was drawn immediately that this was the work of Al Qaeda, and that Bin Laden’s followers from the Middle East were behind it. Disappointingly for CNN etc the perpetrators of this horrifying act had been living in the U.S.A. for some 10 years. There were neither brown nor black or had a Middle Eastern background. Yet, as if to vindicate them, the news channels were delighted that these fraternal lunatics were Muslims.  This is comforting to the people of America.

It’s my view is that it is not the politicians or the bankers who wield the true power in this or any country. The power-brokers are the news editors and media moguls – and that is terrifying.

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  1. You brought to my attention the amazing programme that is “Finding Bigfoot” its a superb watch. Bobo is a nut case! I agree that this is probably the foot of a bear, but where is the rest of the bear? Maybe it was attacked and eaten by a Bigfoot!!!!? Maybe the name Bigfoot is ironic as they don’t like to eat Big Feet? The plot thickens….

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