Posted by: docdenbow | April 24, 2013

Why I’m Beginning To Hate Sport

Sport is an odd cove. It is supposed to be a pastime where individuals or teams pit their skills and physical attributes against one another. Following Olympian ideals the pure joy of sport should be derived from the cut and thrust of competition rather than the taste of victory, or the bitter taste of defeat. I’ve seen, as I’m sure that you have, various sportsmen and women being described as “bad losers” who fall into a cat-kicking sulk should they ever be vanquished. That is held up in the media as being the sign of a true competitor. It really is nothing of the sort.

One could argue, I suppose, that those who are lucky enough to be engaged in professional sport adopt this ruthless competitive streak due to the head swirling financial gains that can be made. That may be true, but it does not come come even close to explaining why there are men, both young and old, who consider that virtual cheating in sport is the way to “play the game.” These amateurs are held up in their local communities as being rather vile examples of humanity as they compete in a manner that precludes and excludes any sense of joy from playing. I have seen people hurl pool cues to the floor as they are defeated in a pub by what they consider to be inferior players. They will further describe each and every defeat as being caused by the good fortune of the opponent or the terribly bad luck that they have encountered. These are sad and sorry individuals, nothing more and nothing less.

We have seen in the past few days the rather sordid antics of Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan, who plays “football” for Liverpool F.C. In a recent game he bit Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. There is no doubt of this for it was captured in slow motion Hi Definition by the all seeing eye of Sky Sports’ camera. Apparently, this is not the first time that Mr Suarez has carried out this type of homo erotic assault and on this occasion he has been handed a 10 game ban. For his earlier masticating transgression whilst playing for Ajax he was banned for 7 games. I think it is clear that Mr Suarez has what are euphemistically called “issues.”

As an aside I think Mr Suarez has been fortunate. Let me explain. When I was about fifteen years old I was playing an inter house game of rugby whilst at grammar school. A rather odd individual thought it appropriate to bite me, pretty hard may I add, on my calf. (He even went as far as to roll down my sock to expose the flesh.) I jumped up and walked towards this grinning idiot who was obviously proud of his work and enquired as to whether he thought what he had done was funny. He nodded and laughed that it was. At this point I kneed him in the testicular region and hit him with the sweetest of uppercuts as he leaned forward in surprised pain. I’m pleased to say he was borderline unconscious. The master refereeing the game was singularly unimpressed by my actions until he saw blood oozing from an unpleasant wound on my leg. Mr Ivanovic is quite a large fellow, and I just wish he had done the same to Mr Suarez as I did to that rather odd boy. That would have been far more effective than a 10 game ban.

Yet 10 game ban or no ten game ban for Mr Suarez, Liverpool F.C. will defend this chap who racially abused Patrice Evra (and banned for that as well) on the simple grounds that he is a good football player. I truly believe that it is only his skill that saves him and a least gifted player would have been sacked by Liverpool F.C. perhaps prior to the latest transgression. Liverpool want to get into the Champions League and that’s where the £BIG MONEY£ is. Mr Suarez is good enough to help them get there. See any link?

In terms of morality and money in sport, and prestige in victories, then East Germany’s athletic programs need to be discussed. To give you some idea, in Helsinki at the first athletics World Championships, East German athletes won 22 medals, including 10 golds. From 1976, across a period of just over a decade, East Germany won more medals than any other nation at three Olympic Games and two World Championships. Not at all bad for an impoverished European country with a population of less than 17 million. The East German powers seemingly decided that a sporting domination would show the world just how fine and dandy East German was and how all of the population were healthy and happy. Funny that, I always that Kraft durch Freude was a Nazi concept.

We are all now aware that the East German athletes were systematically doped, some from childhood, in order to turn them into an unbeatable breed of super humans. Women were the usual targets of this doping scheme that the chemists led and the drug of choice was apparently 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Two or three minutes of research gave me loads of information that I consider relevant. The brand name of this athlete’s wonder drug is Oral Turinabol, and guess what kiddies? Turinabol was the first original product of Jenapharm, an East German pharmaceutical company.

I personally couldn’t care less as to how many medals East Germany won in athletics. I’m not sitting here demanding retrospective disqualification. What I do care about is how a regime inflicted itself on its’ young and exploited them in pursuit of propagandist excellence. The health repercussions on these people are still rattling down through the years. Yet, for all of the East Germans who were unknowingly doped by an army of doctors there were other drug cheats who knew exactly what they were doing.

Back in 2003 in the New York Times Jere Longman asked :

“At the world track championships in Paris (2003), a number of athletes wore braces on their teeth. Was this a coincidence? Were the athletes only now able to afford braces? Or were they using human growth hormone, which had caused their jaws to realign? Even dental work fosters skepticism in a time of eroded trust.”

Food for though, eh?

Sport is dead…….unless you call madly wealthy Prima Donnas sportsmen.

Oh yes, and Google *Heidi Krieger* and read the horrifying facts or the ruination of a life in the name of sport..

Ciao For Now Sports Fans



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