Posted by: docdenbow | April 15, 2013

Dick Van Dyke, Steve Hunt & ………..Oh I Give Up!

I’ve been neglecting this ‘ere blog a little of late. I’m not not going to write about Thatcher for reasons I’ve already mentioned, so with all the serious stuff in the news do I write about the tensions between North Korea and just about everyone else? George Osbourne’s attempt at sounding like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins  Nah, don’t think I’ll bother. I’m not sophisticated enough to write a true political précis of a dictatorship threatening nuclear attacks or the spin of a Chancellor. I’m not thick, definitely not, I’ve proved that by inserting the word précis into a sentence. What am I going to write about then? Well, as I’m now writing this blog strictly for myself and all of the spambots out there (oh yes, and James and Sarah) I have the freedom to write a stream of scribbled consciousness of pet hates without caring who I upset.

Okay, let’s go with this weeks’ Top Ten (in no particular order)

  • Britain’s Got Talent

Well not it hasn’t really so I refuse to recognize the existence of this Cowell generated detritus.

  • Dog shit

I hate dog owners who let their dogs empty their bowels on the highways and byways of this increasingly unpleasant land with no attempt being made to pick up after them. (the dogs that is)

  • Ant and Dec

Enough said there….do I need to say more?

  • Fog lights

Morons who drive around at night with their rear fog lights blazing because they were driving in fog two years ago and don’t know how to turn them off again.

  • Women in the bog

They insist on leaving the seat down instead of picking it back up when they’ve finished.

  • Adrian Chiles

What is the point of Adrian Chiles? (Answer in the comment section please.)

People who hate Jeremy Kyle

Jezza holds up a mirror on our society and performs a useful social function (dunno what it is though) Yeah, right!

  • Power saving light bulbs

Yeah right, you have to leave them on for about 45 minutes so that you can see your hand in front of your face.

  • The Mumbles

Well, I’m talking about idiot Welsh folks who refer to the village of *Mumbles* as *The Mumbles*

  • Bloggers

Well not bloggers per se, I’m just talking about bloggers who write 500 words of crap and get about a million hits. The subject matter is usually something vacuous about shoes. Am I jealous? Of course I am…..B*st*rds!

Now I’ve got that minor stream of sarcastic vitriol out of my system I’ll press on. As anyone who has read this blog before will know, I’m seriously considering my options with regards to continuing to write here. Without sounding poncey or up myself, I love writing and I love the writing process and all that it entails. I started writing this blog for myself, but as I started getting more visitors I began to try to write what I thought people would want to read. As a result I lost sight of what motivated me to blog in the first place. I wanted to write eclectic stream of consciousness stuff, disjointed ramblings if you like, about whatever took my fancy.

For some reason that stopped, and I started writing about football and the Wolves in particular and loads of people read those *articles.* That fueled my ego, and to an extent megalomania. I thought, stupidly, that just because a few hundred bored Wolves fans read, or started to read, the pieces about Wolves that I’d made it. I was a *proper* blogger, with power and influence; a man whose opinion was respected. An *rseh*l* on the Molineux Mix Forum brought me back to earth with a resounding crash and really knocked the stuffing out of me as far as writing about the Wolves. They’re going to get relegated. Do you know what? I couldn’t give a toss! If I have to support a team that is so badly run and is indeed full of players who can’t be bothered, then why should I? The vast majority of fans are stupid as well. Criticize anyone who plays at the club, shed crocodile tears over tactics and have no notion that booting the ball to the big lad up top is a sh*tty way to play unless you’re playing against fat midgets in a Sunday Morning League.

The thing is, and here I am going to be all smug and superior, I know – I really know that those articles I wrote about the Wolves were good. They’re thought provoking and articulate. They cast in stone what I think about Wolves and the sh*t they’re in. I guess some forum readers can’t reader past five lines, w*nk*rs! If your curiosity is pricked and you want to read them yourself I suggest get a move on cos they won’t be there come May.

Mind you Wolves won’t be in the Championship come May. Yeah and to all you numpties I wrote this in January. It’s the final paragraph of this:

Wolves – Paying For The Sins Of The Past Posted by docdenbow on January 27, 2013

“In my view a team captain is still important and odd as it may sound  I’d get Hunt fit and give him the armband. He may be able to push those around him a bit  because after all Wolverhampton Wanderers FC has a lot of very ordinary players on its’ books, but hey they can’t all be brilliant, but they could at least try.”

But what do I know Molineux Mixers? I write sh*t on your forum don’t I? Shame that you all had the same idea when he was picked and laid on a couple of goals.


Ciao For Now




  1. Not forgetting the idiot folk who refer to Gower as ‘The’ Gower.

  2. I feel like you, my old way of dealing with my blog has been changed by trying to write for people rather than myself and it has made my last few months writing there a bit crap. Your writing is always entertaining and engaging and I’m glad you still post occasionally here. You were my first ever follower on my blog so you have a special place in my blogging heart. As for Adrian Childs – he’s a square headed c*nt!

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