Posted by: docdenbow | April 10, 2013

Ding Dong!

I was going to write something about about the passing of Margaret Thatcher, I still might, but Tracey has made all of the points that need to be made so eloquently that it makes you wonder whether the tributes to Mrs T are really appropriate. Let’s not forget that before the Falklands War she was spectacularly unpopular and facing a likely return to oblivion.

Whether she is canonized as a female trailblazer or not, we must remember that she was a Prime Minister, nothing more and nothing less. A good one, a great one or one that sold off the family silver, so to speak.

I have my own opinions, as does Tracey and I’m sure you do too.

Well said Tracey,



Nobody divided a nation like Margaret Thatcher, in life, or in death. I don’t remember the Thatcher years, so, somebody who does, told me I should have no opinion. His words were, “If you weren’t there, you can’t know what it was like… she was the best Prime Minister since Winston Churchill”!

Funny then, that this guy can tell me to shut up about things I didn’t live through, and then names an era run by a man, which he didn’t live through.

Maggie was one of those figures people either love or hate, and perhaps, how you view her yourself, may depend upon where you live. It may also depend upon what job you had back in the 1980’s… perhaps it may depend upon, how your family was effected by her radical policies.

I was born in 1985, three years after the Falklands War, and Maggie was at her…

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  1. Great re-post fella. She’s a great blogger aint she!? Not a bad looking gal either.

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