Posted by: docdenbow | April 9, 2013

Am I A Writer, Columnist, Novelist Or Blogger?

I’ve been tidying up my other blog since I’ve got home from work. It’s got a rough draft of the first chapter of what I laughing call a novel on there. I’ve also added three rather ropey short stories or essays or whatever clever people may want to call them. There’ll be no more things added though as I’ve decided that I’m going to go down the road of self publishing.

Self publishing a few years ago would have cost an immense amount of money and would usually lead to you just shifting the initial run to friends and the second run would end up taking valuable space in your spare bedroom until one day you end up donating them, haunted by a sense of failure and financial ruin, to charity shops, old people’s homes – anywhere who’ll take them. The boxes and boxes of unsaleable badly written pretentious pap would taunt you and show you just what a loser you really are. Okay, so some some vanity publishing writers make money, but my guess is that many more have their dreams crushed by self delusion. Thanks to the magic of the internet there is a way forward for independent talentless purveyors of pathetic prose to publish and keep their bank accounts healthy and their bedrooms free from cardboard clutter. Of course I’m talking about eBooks and Amazon’s  facility to allow you to publish without pain and even have the outside chance of making a few pennies. As yet I have no idea as to how to go about this, but at the moment I have nothing to publish, so there’s plenty of time.

I’ve blogged and blogged and blogged on here over the past two years and have felt for much of the time that I’m banging my head up against the wall. People have seemingly been reading my posts, but only rarely do I see any comments so I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the *hits* I’ve been getting are just from spam bots. For this reason the enjoyment I have been getting is fast disappearing as writing a blog for anyone to read is like throwing a party and have no one show up. My friends have told me not to quit as they say it’s obvious that I enjoy writing so much that I shouldn’t give up. Well, I’m not going to give up. I’m going to continue to post here when I’ve got something to say, which may be daily, weekly, monthly or whenever. Where I will concentrate is on writing for me, that’s right me, and have the goal, target, the ambition, to finish what will be a book with a beginning, a middle and end. I hesitate to call it a *novel* as that implies a gravitas that I don’t think I have.

If you want check out what I’ve written so far have a look at  Pure Fiction Denbow

Wish me luck spam bots – and comment!




  1. I know exactly how you feel Den, I too have the same problem where I get hits but rarely see likes let alone comments. I do blog for myself these days and I see what happens. I enjoy reading your stuff and I think you have a talent for blogging and writing but of course if your confidence is knocked by the lack of comments you will feel that your writing isn’t good, well it is. I often see blogs on wordpress that have posts that seem to get 100 likes and two dozen comments within days f being published and I often think, “How?” and I also think “Bastards!” I suppose we have to do it cus we enjoy it and like you say, that may mean only posting once a month or maybe ten times a week. Keep writing mate, and let me know if you’re in this neck of the woods again any time soon. We need a proper meet up rather than a quick chat in a car park. 🙂 PS. I had to smile when I saw 7 likes on this post but no comments…. COME ON PEOPLE IF YOU LIKE YOU ARE SIGNED IN, SO COMMENT TOO!!!! Peace mate!

  2. I’m glad to become your friend Denis and I have enjoyed reading what you write don’t stop. Would love to read one of your books so keep it up and I’ll check out pure fiction or is that a joke? I love being a member of the epilepsy group and learning from others and having the support. I don’t have a blog probably wouldn’t know how to start one. But I enjoy reading your writing.

    • Hi Deborah
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.
      I’d like you to know that now and again I do get on my high horse on my blog and the language gets “colourful.” Hope that doesn’t offend you too much.
      In terms of the Pure Fiction blog, it’s for real and it’s a collection of some of the fiction pieces I’ve written.
      There is a rough draft of the start of a novel there, but I’m leaving that alone for now and I’m actually re writnd one that I almost completed in 1999. I aim to self publish that on Kindle before the end of the year. A tall order but it gives me something to work towards.


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