Posted by: docdenbow | April 7, 2013

Blogging – Is It Really Worth The Time And Effort?

Over the time that I have been writing this WordPress Blog, I have rarely had any real problem finding something to write about. My day to day life is not really interesting enough for people to wish to read about, and besides I’m not really comfortable these days writing the real truth about myself or any sort quotidien d’actualité, aside from my infrequent bitching about life in general on the My Diary page. I’m not particularly certain that my perception of current events is insightful or humourous enough to make writing out my opinions to be anything other than an exercise in pomposity with a soupçon of egomania added for additional flavouring. I do know that some of the stuff that I wrote in the wake of the Jimmy Savile affair was pretty good as were attacks on reality TV and some of the pieces I have written about the Wolves have been widely read and been insightful and bloody good. No point in false modesty. However, as I have been roundly attacked for posting links to the articles on the most popular of the Wolves forums I have decided to leave the subject alone and keep my thoughts to myself and keep a watching brief regarding the men in Old Gold as it seems that publicizing my musings outside of a bar in Swansea in not de rigeur.

So what do I write about? What can I write about? What wretched subject matter will act as an inspiration for this increasingly unpopular little ol’ blog? I have already stated in an earlier post that I will keep my declining readership fully informed as to my progress in the recording of my 3 CD boxed set. Who am I kidding? You? Myself? However, as the steep decline in readers continues and plummets towards oblivion, it may be less stressful and time consuming just to phone up anyone who has even the tiniest interest in what I’m up to and actually speak to them.

To go from 629 hits in a day on Wolves related articles that were publicized on a couple of Wolves Forums to just 9 so far today, as a write this, makes me wonder if this blogging fellow really needs to be put out of its’ misery and just pushed out into the cold or cast adrift to find its’ own quiet place to retire to in the backwaters of the world wide web.

I know exactly what’s knocked the enthusiasm and joy out of writing this blog and I’m not sure that I have any way of relighting the flame or even care enough anymore to even try. The fire has been extinguished, the lighter is out of gas and may as well be chucked in the bin.

That’s how I feel, and to the b*st*rd who made me feel this way can i just say,

“Congratulations from Wolves fan to another. Thanks for ruining the only hobby I’ve ever had.”



P.S. It’s not you Jay.


And in the words of the immortal Jack Regan,

“I am utterly and abjectly pissed-off with this little lot. I’ve given the best years of my life to the job. I’ve got eighteen bloody commendations, if you include the one I didn’t get yesterday. And how does this ‘wonderful’ police force show its gratitude for all my years of unstinting effort? It bangs me up in a crummy little cell like some cheap little villain – all because a toerag called Hutchinson’s got a few bottles twitching on the Fifth Floor. Now, because that poor little bastard had the guts to get off his arse, I’m going to have to be reinstated. And what do you bunch of bleeding double-dyed hypocrites want now? You want me to crawl back to work and be terribly grateful that I didn’t get nicked for something I didn’t do. Well you can stuff it!”


You know what I mean?






  1. Hi there!

    You just gained a new follower 🙂 I can’t remember who said it or where I heard it but I every now and again feel I like: Hell is other people. Usually something awesome happens eventually and I give humanity another chance.

    In my opinion I think people read your posts because you wrote them. Writing about a topic of interest might be what got people to start reading, they continued reading your posts because of your writing. The combination of your posts and that which interest people are essential to maintaining and growing your readership.

    You’ve lost your topic 😦 But you still have your ability to write good articles, once you have a new topic chances are good you should gain new readers 🙂


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