Posted by: docdenbow | April 1, 2013

You Can’t Download A Life

Someone asked me the other day whether the things that I write here are true. My reply was that whilst there are posts here that are decidedly factual, there are others that are open to interpretation. You see for the overwhelming majority of the population the level of tedium in their lives means that they need to remain somewhat delusional for if they truly realized the hopelessness of their existence then the repercussions on themselves and society as a whole would be most severe.

Many of us sit entranced by 42” of glowing glory removed from reality (oh how ironic is that?) living our lives by proxy with the need for rational thought removed. With our multi channel TV services we watch dramas, light entertainment and documentaries – each category illustrating lives that are far more enriched and varied than our own. Even with the facility to record “essential” programmes we still ensure that our lives centre around the insidious grip of the TV schedules.

The internet that you and I use daily also serves to ensnare us. It’s like the machines have risen to enslave our minds and bodies as the minds stagnate and the bodies become molded to our sofas and reclining chairs. If the realization dawned on the populace of effect the world of electronic entertainment and information technology is doing, then there would be a service to be performed in community pop clogging.

Is there an answer? The simple answer to that is yes. However, life is rarely that simple and although TV and the internet has its’ place we should use both not only for idle pleasure, but also for inspiration. For myself, I have watched programmes like Wainwright’s Walks where Julia Bradbury walked from coast to coast across England. I have seen programmes of people cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End. I have watched people repair and make stuff.

And what have I done? What have I achieved? The simple answer for me has to be “bog all.” What do I do? What are my hobbies, interests that are not self centred? I have my guitar, my Zoom home studio, I have my blog. I have my desire to write/finish my novel *yawn* All that’s great, but it’s not enough. It’s all to me, me, me and ultimately futile.

I have a garden. I have a nice little house. The house doesn’t need much doing to it after 25 years living there apart from a few little jobs here and there. The kitchen is to get a makeover, not a full refit, but not far off, and to do a “proper” job my wife and I are in agreement that professionals are needed,

The garden is a different matter entirely. It has in the past looked great, but as the fences have become tired through increasing age and infirmity, and the concrete slabs have become dirty, uneven and loose, this once pretty corner of Wales has turned inexorably into a vandalized inner city park. This garden needs work. It needs re-landscaping. It needs to be sorted out. It needs to be brought to back to life so that it can bring me back to life as I dig out the borders, relay slabs, add a lawn and some decking. It needs new fences, and these will need to be put up properly to withstand the rigours of the Welsh climate. Furthermore, inspired by Kevin McCloud I will finally get my shed in which to carry out my chap duties of lazing around, listening to the radio, reading books from my Kindle, tippity tapping on my laptop finishing my novel *yawn* and maybe even laying down some tracks for my 3 CD boxed set. If the garden is completed properly then I will deserve my prize.

I’m going to get a life, you do what you like. You sure as hell can’t download one.

Ciao For Now



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