Posted by: docdenbow | March 9, 2013

Who Supports The Wolves?

I have made a decision. I’m no longer going anywhere near football forums. I’ve mainly been on them to plug this blog, acting as a whore to gain readers. Not entirely the best motive, I have in the main skimmed through the posts most of which induce a *yawn* and move on. There are endless lists of teams and formations and questions as to why this player or that player is or isn’t playing. Rumour upon rumour abound, with most either made up or told to the poster by some mush in the boozer or at work who claims insider knowledge. It’s all very closed shop and the intelligent reasoned posts are usually met with derision or some vicious remark that would possibly get them a smack in the chops if uttered in “real life.”

I’ve been very cynical about people who use football forums, then I came to realize that I was one of them myself. I was being dragged down to the level of the five line summation of the club, which as a fan it is my right to do, isn’t it? Well maybe. For all all of the pride in the Old Gold, I do wonder about (some) Wolves fans, for it’s Wolves forums I am talking aout here. It seems that the club can do absolutely nothing right in the eyes of many. In fact I have barely seen a post that truly offers tangible support to Wolves, it’s all about how bad things are. I have been guilty of this myself, I ‘ve written long posts here offering the view that Wolves’ decline is due solely to the Chairman and the Chef Exec. Whilst its true that over the past couple of years some dubious decisions have been made, there’s nothing that can be done about them. Besides the Chairman and the Chef Exec have not showed any lack of motivation in their respective roles.

This afternoon we are playing Notts Forest, and it’s an important game. All of the games that any professional football team play are important, wins are important and doubly so for Wolves at the moment as the club is caught in a dogfight for survival in the Championship, something that was unthinkable a year ago. Yet before a ball is even kicked the forums will be full of written howls of derision about whatever team Dean Saunders selects. Should the players even read these forums, whick frankly is highly unlikely, they’d be less than happy of the esteem in which these keyboard kings hold them.

So where does that leave us? We should bear in mind that many forum users are great, true and loyal supporters of the Old Gold. We should also realize that many are of the “sing when you’re winning variety” who will never be happy short of Wolves winning the Champions League. Yes, I have had a change of heart, true the win at Millwall helped, and I still think it’s likely that we’ll get relegated and that there are difficult times ahead. There is a but though. I’m a Wolves supporter, I support the club. Even if I disagree with the team that Dean Saunders selects what can I do? Do I go for selective supporting and bemoan the fact that players I don’t rate are picked?

Certainly not. The team picked is the one we’ve got and we all need to offer support to the manager whether he’s right or wrong (in our opinions) or whether what we consider as the right players are selected.

It’s a Wolves team – they deserve our support.

Up The Wolves!

Ciao For Now



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