Posted by: docdenbow | March 6, 2013

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light – We Are Wolves!

I really need to get out of Swansea for a bit. I’m on my own here in the sense that I have no one with whom to discuss the meteoric plummet of Wolves. Crashing and burning like a Russian comet we, the Wolves, are looking like we’re on fire and the chances of survival, well they’re not as good as they could be.

So why do I need to get out of Swansea? Well, I’m hearing the Siren call of the Molineux beckoning me like a sailor onto the rocks. Yet, because I live in Swansea and work commitments that call will go unheeded. The Molineux like the Siren will call to me in vain. Yet I crave contact with like minded people. People that share my interest in the fate of the club. My own own problem is that, in the real world, I don’t know anyone I can talk to about the Wolves. My brother who is a huge Wolves fan lives in Turkey – I do talk to him via our BlackBerry PlayBooks on the old video chat thingy, but it’s not the same as being in a room with him. Then there is Jay, with whom I communicate via Twitter, the odd email and by reading each others blog. Jay goes to the games and gets to see first hand the games and can see for himself and make up his own mind without listening to the opinions of others. I have another friend who lives in L.A. and he is in the same boat as me I guess. Listening to the radio, reading the press, forums and such like, I get the general drift as to what is going on in games. The odd bit of match highlights are shown by the BBC and sometimes Sky broadcasts the games. But as I work 1 til 9 everyday that I do work, I don’t get to see them. I really don’t know how someone in L.A., or Turkey for that matter, manages to see the games when I struggle.

I did, however, manage to see the game against Watford and sat open mouthed and almost in tears, appalled at the lack of quality we showed and how, in many senses, we were played off the pitch. True we had our chances, but Watford were clearly the best side – by miles. Where now Wolves I thought.

We won against Millwall and the sceptics on the internet are asking is this a false dawn, others ask whether this is the first sign, as some dingbat politician put it, of the shoots of recovery. Me, I don’t know. What I do know is that one win alone is not going to turn the season around.

Unless, of course, it releases what has been lacking – confidence.

For myself, I have been highly critical of a few players in the usual starting 11. I’ve questioned whether these players should be anywhere near the team, the club or even kicking a ball at all. What I really want is for these players to turn in performances that will make me look a right wally. I want the players to play like they did when we had those golden days of seeing off the Premier League big boys. I want Dean Saunders to prove me wrong – that he the right man to lift the Wolves out of the doldrums. I want him to show that he is the next Mourinho.

As fans of a club we are right to let our feelings be known. I am all in favour of that. However, we should not be acting like a lynch mob. Whilst the players are out on the pitch they deserve and need our support. Remember the club is not about the players, it’s about the club, the Old Gold. The faces change, but the club just marches on. Billy Wright, Bert Williams, Jimmy Mullen, Peter Knowles, The Doog and Bully are all part of the heritage of this fantastic club Wolverhampton Wanderers, but essentially they are just transitory figures and are no help to us now. We can only cheer and applaud what we have, offering maximum support and encouragement.

I want the players to believe.

I want, hope and pray that what I’ve said before is wrong. I want the Millwall victory to give the players back their shattered confidence and allow them to do what they should be doing – and that is winning more games than losing. There are three more games in March where we play Nottingham Forest, Bristol City and Middlesbrough. These games will essentially decide our fate. Lose all three and we’re virtually sunk. Win all three and things will look really good. So far it’s a draw and a victory in March, so if we can pick up another victory and a couple of draws…..

Mind you I could sit here, doing sums, working this out and that out. It’s all meaningless. It’s futile. Football matches are not won on paper. They’re won on grass. All I can do is shrug off the insults I get on a daily basis about Wolves from the Welshmen around me and hope that the results start to come together and as a fan accept what the fates send.



Ciao For Now




  1. Hi Denbow,

    I don’t go as often as I should but I get up there when I can. I disagree with some of what you are saying. I think Dean Saunders is a good manager and will prove to be over time (with or without Wolves). He has never had to run such a large club with such large ambitions before and it is taking him time to adjust (He reminds me of Steve Bruce when he first started in management).

    We can get a draw at Forest, but it’ll be tough, we can beat Bristol City, I firmly believe that. The Boro game we’ll probably lose as they are fighting hard for a play off place. But Four points from the next 3 would keep us in touch with things. But like you say, games are won on the pitch, not on paper. Never lose hope while we still have a chance mate.

    I refuse to say we’re down until we’re confirmed down.


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