Posted by: docdenbow | February 18, 2013

An Old Yam-Yam In Swansea

Like Sting’s “An Englishman In New York,” I feel a little on the outside where I live. You  know, not quite part of things. An outsider. “An old Yam-Yam in Swansea” I think Sting would sing. Although this alien is legal, I still get the sense that I am seen as different and never will be accepted as part of the gang, so to speak. It seems that I lack the “Hwyl” that is an essential part of being Welsh. Not surprising really as I’m not Welsh, even though I have loyalties to my adopted homeland. 

I’ve lived here for 33 years, my wife and kids are Welsh, yet for all of this many people I meet see me as “a Brummie w*nk*r,” even though I am originally from Wolverhampton. So why do they think that? Prejudice, pure blind prejudice fuelled for the educationally subnormal by the annual game of rugby between Wales and England. It seems that anyone from “the other side of the bridge” is hated as a matter of pride and this is worn as a badge of pride by many.

I get told when I’m out that “the English are c***s” This is sometimes followed by such protestations as “No offence” or “Not you,” but I do find it difficult to just stand there and smile sweetly. If I do take offence to this sort of steaming sh*t then I am proving that “the English are c***s” or that I’m a snob. Yes, some Welsh do have intelligence issues.

Note how I say some. I have great friends in Wales who are rounded individuals. Just as friends should be, but I think it’s fair to say that many years of p*ss taking when I’ve been out and about in pubs or watching local bands and suchlike has knocked the desire to socialize and mix out of me. I just don’t want the aggravation and the anger that the sheer pig ignorance in some brings out in me.

I have repeatedly told myself that if I can’t be accepted for who I am rather than where I’m from it’s best not to bother. I can think of one particularly odious thicko who effectively ruined my local social club for me. Down the years, and I do mean years, I have been met with the same old sh*t that consisted of “you’ve never lost your accent ‘ave ewe?” Well I have a bit but that’s not the point, why on God’s green earth should I try? Is this tw*t suggesting I go to lessons so that I can sound Welsh? Doubt it as this halfwit is basically incapable of any coherent thought. Yes, to avoid further confrontation I avoid the club that I’ve been going to since I moved to Swansea. All because of a copper bottomed Class A cretin.

I’ve asked myself time and again why down the years I’ve put myself in situations where the village idiots can have a pop. I think the answer is that I do want to be part of the clan, but I have now come to the realization that will never happen.


I don’t want it anymore. I’m just happy to be alone, not joining in, staying away from having to put up with the crap spouted from the mouths of the terminally stupid.

If that makes me –

a) a Brummie w*nk*r
b) an English c***
c) A snob
d) Someone who has not lost his accent……

Well so be it, but lets me just say this one thing,


Ciao For Now




  1. Well, there’s lovely, isn’t it?

  2. Good Evening Doc.

    Life is too short to hold grudges such as this. As you mentioned above, this is an establishment that you enjoyed going to with friends. If the “halfwit” really is as thick as you say, then I guess he is completely oblivious as to what set you off that day. Especially if you have put up with it and not batted an eyelid over the years to the same comments.

    Personally, if you did enjoy the place, get back down there and meet up with some old faces.

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