Posted by: docdenbow | February 6, 2013

What Is A National Treasure?

What is a “national treasure?” Me, I’ve always thought of the Crown Jewels as being national treasures. The fine stately homes, castles, even areas of outstanding natural beauty like the Gower Peninsula, they’re national treasures and as such should be cherished, attended to, appreciated and preserved. Unfortunately, most of what are collectively known as national treasures are people; oldies who are getting more wrinkly by the minute.

So what defines someone as a national treasure? Is it because of all of the good works that they have done and continue to do? Is it because of their contribution to society at large in general? It’s none of the above. A national treasure is someone who has been popular for years and years as is obviously in the public eye. Those are the ones who become known as national treasures.

I had a look at an article from 2008 in The Daily Torygraph, and the “winners” of a national treasure competition. The first thing is that there were 150 invited guests who were invited to the jollies where the awards were to be presented by Sandi Toksvig(!) Of the names mentioned in the illustrious list of nominations and winners one began to detect one thing that most of them had in common. Guess what? There were all pig stinking rich. I don’t mean just rich, I mean RICH, mega rich, loaded, whatever the superlative for rich is.

It seems that lining your pockets along the way doesn’t harm your chances of becoming a national treasure. Lady Thatcher, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Professor Richard Dawkins, Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Ian McKellen, Claire Rayner, Sir Steve Redgrave, the Rt Rev Dr John Sentamu, Professor Lord Robert Winston, Dame Judi Dench and Sir David Attenborough were among the nominees and winners. I do really wonder how these people have made their way into the collective psyche of the Great British public, what have they done and continue to do to be held in such high esteem that they can be as revered as jewels and ancient monuments? I don’t have an answer but…………………….

It strikes me that longevity, money, good PR, will ultimately make you a national treasure. It probably doesn’t do you any harm if you do some high-profile charity work as well.

I wonder where Jimmy Savile was  on the list?

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