Posted by: docdenbow | February 2, 2013

Thick Skinned & Earning Money for Old Rope – Welcome To The Wolves

Have you ever heard heard of the term “thick skinned?” Yes, what about “money for old rope?” Wow, you’ve heard of that as well?

I can think of a small select group of people who by being “thick skinned” are making thousands of pounds a week. In fact they are making “money for old rope.” It’s very sad to think a a goodly proportion of this money comes from a number of individuals who have far less money than the “thick skinned” individuals in the first place.

“It’s an outrage” – “This must be stopped.” – “It’s immoral.”

Of course it is. I agree, but this goes far deeper than money. These individuals are untouchable. They cannot be stopped, they will continue stockpiling their ill gotten gains for years unless they are given yet more money to go away and inflict pain and suffering elsewhere.

Welcome to Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Yes, indeed by staggering mismangement by a builder and an accountant, who are football fans but know nothing of how to run a football club, Wolves are staring into a void of the their own making. If the club should topple and fall then the truly dark days could and probably will return.

This time instead of “Out Of Darkness Cometh Light” it will be more a case of “We’re In The Dark And In The Sh*te.”

So what do I think the answer is? Well, the transfer window will provide……yeah it’s closed. Oh wait, Wolves did buy Lee Evans didn’t they. Great idea, cheer the fans up before, after and during the game with his rubber faced comedy antics. Every other player that Wolves were linked with was the usual Moxey smokescreen of :

“We’re trying…but couldn’t tie the details down in time…..”

How many times have we heard that??? I’m not foolish enough to think that an average club can spend its’ way out of trouble, but sometimes it’s not what you spend but how you spend it. With several high earner on the books Wolves should have made Karl Henry, Roger Johnson and Kevin Doyle amongst others well and truly available for sale. Keeping them doesn’t seem to have made any difference whatsover to the situation Wolves are in, and who knows somebody may have even wanted them. They may even have stumped up some cash for them. But it’s only a what if?

For the past few seasons we as Wolves fans have wondered where the defence was. For all of that wondering it seems than no one in charge (McCarthy, Solbakken, Saunders) has seen fit to make any effort towards tightening up a bit at the back. Okay so McCarthy bought Johnson, but as he had a catastrophic first season with the end result being two successive relegations with two different clubs (Impressive eh?) Turning up to work p*ssed really didn’t help.

So where now Wolves? Five points above the relgation zone having played a game more than those around us, given that there have been seven games without a win, survival is looking increasingly remote. I realistically didn’t see wolves getting promoted this season, in fact I almost hope that they wouldn’t.

Mind you I didn’t think they’d get relegated either.

Just think Saunders might end up trumping Johnson, two successive relegations with two different team as a manager.

That’s be a turn up for the books – Dean Saunders the new Alan Ball.

Ciao For Now





  1. I have to agree with every word here mate. We need to pray that Deano can steady the ship enough to keep us up and then get rid of most of the current first choice squad in the summer. Then he can start building a new team, starting with four solid defenders. Build from the back, the rest will take care of itself IMO.

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