Posted by: docdenbow | January 27, 2013

Wolves – Paying For The Sins Of The Past

They wouldn’t have offered me the managers job at Wolves (not that I applied), but if they had I would’ve had reservations about accepting it. For me there are far too many “ifs, buts and maybes” about the club, its’ hierarchy and perhaps most importantly Wolves’ perception of itself. Let’s say this and see whether you get what I’m trying to say.

In the last few months we have seen major retailers on the high street just disappear and die. Comet, Jessops and most recently HMV. In their own fields these were market leaders and to a very great extent dominating their markets. They all thought that they were untouchable. As household name brands they must have thought that they couldn’t fail, they would ride out the storm of whatever the hell a credit crunch or double dip recession actually is. Well as you all know if you’re from the UK, they didn’t and they went bust.

Now think about the Wolves. We are told that the finances of of the club are in good order thanks to the prudent financial management of the board and Jez “Oil Slick” Moxey in particular. Wolves romped into the Premier League with high hopes of consolidation and driving onwards and upwards. Mick McCarthy was given a fair amount of money to spend and in the main he bought a shower of sh*t. Untried cheapies who were supposed to set the Premier League on fire. He bought a 6’8″ striker who couldn’t jump, let alone head the ball amongst other gems. A sound judge of the type of player needed for the Premier League is our Mick. I hope you can detect the sarcasm here.

“Hello, £5o for Karl Henry? You’re on!”

Twelve months ago this month Wolves were a division higher, but in a similar postion. McCarthy bought in (or was allowed to bring in) just two players. Frimpong and Bassong, both on loan. Frimpong looked like he may have helped make the difference, but was crocked and went back to Arsenal in an ambulance. Bassong was simply terrible. (Odd that he now looks ok for Norwich) and Wolves were duly relegated. That was it, just two players. A couple of weeks later AFTER the transfer window closed they sacked Mick, and appointed a clipboard and said hello to the Championship.

We’re now in January 2013. The closing of the transfer window is fast approaching and so far Wolves have bought in no players. The idiot savant Dean Saunders (bet he was cheap) is talking of cutting down on the number of players available to him (or has he been told to?), so the prospect of fresh blood appears to be remote.

Dean asks Jez for cash for players

There has been little or no sign of any of the crap being unloaded. There’s no interest in any of the Wolves players. No clubs sniffing around. True there have been rumours of this and that, but I’ll believe them when they happen. We may lose SEB in the next few days if only because of the fact he can bugger off on a free in the summer and a small fee may be forthcoming now.

Going back to to the Comet, Jessops and HMV comparison, I’m pretty sure that Morgan didn’t see relegation to League 1 as any sort of possiblity when Wolves tumbled out of the Premier League. Comet and company didn’t think that they’d go into administration, but they did. Morgan and Moxy don’t think that Wolves can slide downwards through the divisions, but unfortunately they can and will unless things change and a radical overhaul of the squad is undertaken.

Now here’s my reservations about  the job. For me there would have to be a few pre-conditions. I would want more than a “one year rolling contract.” A “two year rolling contract” would be just fine and dandy as it might just make M & M more reluctant to hand me my P-45. Being aware of who is paid what amongst the playing staff I would demand a minimum of 5% more than the highest earner. I would also like to know whose idea it was to tie Karl Henry to a “job for life” contract. Were it Morgan or Moxey then I would say, “Get another sucker to manager your team..”

A complete overhaul of the club is needed and sticking with the tried and distrusted is clearly not working. Too many players in a financial comfort just going through the motions. We have to shake them – shape up or ship out. Is Dean the man to do it? The jury is out on that one, but he could do with a couple of abrasive characters on his side, certainly Steve Hunt strikes me as someone unafraid to tell team mates that they’re crap and Roger Johnson is more than capable of flattening Karl Henry in a training ground “accident” to liven him up a bit.

In my view a team captain is still important and odd as it may sound  I’d get Hunt fit and give him the armband. He may be able to push those around him a bit  because after all Wolverhampton Wanderers FC has a lot of very ordinary players on its’ books, but hey they can’t all be brilliant, but they could at least try.

Ciao For Now



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