Posted by: docdenbow | January 26, 2013

The Wolves – Long Contracts And The Downward Spiral

I’ve been a Wolves fan all of my life. Down the years I’ve felt, frustration, happiness and sadness because of the fortunes and misfortunes of Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. For the first time in years I feel despair. I fear the worst for Wolves. I fear that we are on a downward spiral from which it may take years to recover. I feel certain that if Wolves take what is now looking like the inevitable drop to League 1, then Morgan will do a Jack Hayward and sell the club for £1 probably to some passing Saudi or a chancer with an eye on the main chance.

I have very strong reservations about the management of the club. Here I’m not talking about McCarthy, Connor, Solbakken or Saunders. I’m not even talking about Hoddle or Jones. I am talking about the two power brokers at the Molineux, Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey. It strikes me that their prudent fiscal planning has really served to drop the club into deep sh*t. The club may be financially sound (for the time being) but as a football club the Wolves are rapidly becoming both a laughing stock and the whipping boys of the Championship. There seems to be no strategy or planning by the management and Solbakken and Saunders are both looking like the captains of rudderless ships aimlessly drifting. They seem to be both facing a mutinous crew of mediocre footballers with no motivation who are earning, I guess half a million pounds a year. I wrote it like that on purpose – look again.


Okay, to players at clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and so on there are several players who earn that sort of money in a month. The huge, gigantic, massive difference is that these players are sought after around the world. They are hungry for success and glory. Their skills make them valuable and clubs are prepared to pay a premium to secure their services. Once the Rooneys, the Messis, the Ronaldos are secured by their clubs these chaps still bust a gut to make their team win. They don’t sit back staring at the contents of their wallets counting their coins. Even Beckham with more money than sense wants to continue playing. Why? He loves the game and he loves competing.

What does Wolverhampton Wanderers FC have? In my opinion Wolverhampton Wanderers FC have a fair few players whose quality, usefulness and room for development has been seriously over rated. Whether the recommendation to give lengthy contracts to crap players was made by Mick McCarthy the fact remains that Wolverhampton Wanderers FC has a lot of deadwood and dross. Sadly a lot of this deadwood and dross are on contracts that they either don’t deserve or are too long. Then you have players like Sylvan Ebanks-Blake who is out of contract at the end of the season and will probably be gone from Wolves within the next few days. Did I mention that he is Wolves’ top scorer? Forgot! Did I mention that Wolves are likely going to lose him on a free? No? Well there you go.

Then we come to the way forward. With relegation now starting to look a distinct possibility Wolves need to think long and think hard. Thirty years ago there was a football club that plummeted from the top flight down to the fourth tier of football and wen, as you may say, t*ts up. Eight men saved that club, Julian Marshall, Chris Garland, Jimmy Mann, Peter Aitken, Geoff Merrick, David Rodgers, Gerry Sweeney and Trevor Tainton. These were eight Bristol City players who were signed to long contracts when the Robins hit Division One, and they were so spectacularly crap these “stars” were part of the same team that plummeted through the divisions. Fortunately for the Robins these eight players tore up their contracts to save the stricken club. I wish some of the Wolves players would do the same because clearly their hearts are not in it anymore.

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  1. I’m slowly getting used to this situation but it breaks my heart mate. Thank f**k though its only football aye?

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