Posted by: docdenbow | January 19, 2013

Time Travel As A Social Tool

I believe in “live and let live” in that I’m not some kind of homicidal maniac, but having said that I do feel that many individuals should be eradicated from existence entirely and having been inspired by the books of Jasper Fforde, especially “Lost In a Good Book.” The books in the Thursday Next series are well worth a read as they are funny, fantastic and highly entertaining. “Lost In A Good Book” gave me an idea with regards to time travel and how it may improve society. let us for one moment assume that we have the tools in modern society to harness time travel, its uses would and could be manyfold.

Let’s focus in on two of the most important uses:

Natural disasters – by knowing when these type of things are going to happen then we could courses of action to alleviate the impact. Here I’m not so much thinking of ways to prevent something like a tsunami, earthquake or volcanic eruption, but more to preserve the safety of people by getting them out of the way.

Idiots, morons, tyrants, all round baddies – this group of people could simply be eradicated by prevention of conception, allowing them to die in accidents they survived or by simply educating them to be good people – failing that assassinating them.

We would naturally need some kind of unimpeachable judiciary. Incorruptible, fair minded, without prejudice, ruthless, murderous, students of past and future history and also devoid of conscience. Mind you if you prevent something or someone from coming into existence what harm will you be doing?

There is, however, one teensy weensy flaw in all this utopian, sort out the big nasties in the world masterplan of mine.

The cost.

How would we fund such an enterprise? It’s bound to be pricey so we’d have to come up with the cash from somewhere. Firstly I think that it’s essential not to privatise this type of undertaking, mind you even if it wasn’t I’m sure that a succession of time agents could nip back and ensure that it was so the Big Corporations would be able rake in the filthy lucre. What filthy lucre I hear you ask as we’ve already agreed the whole enterprise would be expensive to run.

Special requests is what I’d propose. These, like some form of petition could be submitted, with case notes, to the Big Corporations who would pass the request to the judiciary who having given a verdict in favour of eradication would then pass the request over to the accounts department and logistics.

Cold calling would also act as a revenue stream as the sales team could enquire which “guest” on Jeremy Kyle’s programme they would like to be removed from history, and knowing it is likely to be the tattooed and toothless scumbag who’s hooked on smack and beats the girlfriend and kids, then the sales team could sell the same service about the same target and over. Unethical maybe, a money spinner certainly.

There would be a special one off service, that wouldn’t come cheap, for the disillusioned middle aged. For an astronomical fee they would be transported back to their desired time in life so that they could change something that would lead them to living another life entirely. Like I said it would be a one off service so the individual wouldn’t be able to return when they were middle aged again and ask for another go.

I appreciate that there are many flaws in my arguments here, parallel existences, growing old more than once, time travel, even logic. You may as well throw morally bankrupt at me while you’re at it.

I hope you all, dear reader realize that I am lampooning a few things here and I don’t believe for one moment all that I’ve written here, but it would be great if we could just one or two of them wouldn’t it?

Oh and let’s not worry too much about the knock on effects of removing people from history or existence. What do they call that ? The Butterfly Effect?

Ciao For Now




  1. I’ve thought about this subject too and its only flaw is in the invoicing and payment because the minute you supply the time travel the person will expect 30 days end of month payment terms and then go back in time, change things so that their present self has no recollection of the debt they owe from a previous time line. Time travel is too dangerous. We should stick to building hover cars. 🙂

    • But I did say that I hadn’t really thought it through………………

      • If only I could go back in time and change my original comment!

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