Posted by: docdenbow | January 8, 2013

Miserable Moans From The Black Country Man 2013?

Haven’t added anything to this blog, apart from updating “Album Of The Day” since my last rather marathon posting about sorting out a poorly laptop – which I hope may be useful to somebody somewhere someday.

Thought I’d better mention this “Album Of The Day” malarkey. You’ll see a tab at the top that says ”Album Of The Day” and that’s where you’ll find ‘em. Now I love my music and have hundreds if not thousands of albums on one format or another. Some I have played for years and there’s some I’ve never played at all. There’s also some that I haven’t played for years and I have been digging out a few of those. If I can find links to the music on YouTube I’ll try to stick them up there as well. As you can see already my taste is somewhat eclectic and I hope over the course of 2013 to add a different album everyday. It won’t be necessarily the only thing I’ll play that day and it won’t necessarily be any good, but please have a look from time to time and you may find the odd gem or something that is a bit of a blast from the past. On the other hand you may find loads of rubbish, but hey, it’s just stuff I own.

I am also going to try and keep my Diary bit going, or rather start it, this time properly. I know that’s just an empty promise, but in it I intend to touch on what films, books and TV programmes I’ve had a little look at. It’ll be short, sharp and to the point. No flowery meanderings or pontificating. Just comments like “it’s good” or “it’s not good.”

This, the main part of the blog, will be reserved for my opinions and comments and on what is going on in greater depth. If I feel the need to bang on about Bigfoot, how crap Big Brother is, conspiracies and things like that then I fully intend to stick it in the main bit. At some point I’ll probably post about football and overpaid ninnies who masquerade as sportsmen, we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?

I have promised myself that I will revisit some of my earlier posts and use them as a basis for a YouTube channel as some of the posts may get the points across better if they are heard (seen?) as well as read. I’m thinking specifically about some of the posts I’ve done about Epilepsy and some of the more introspective ones. But we’ll see where that goes as I really want to become a sort of poor man’s Charlie Brooker – that would be cool. Caustic wit from a never has been? Miserable moans from the Black Country. Well you never know and I’ll probably never get round to doing it anyway, far too self conscious.

Well that’s all I have to say right now, except just like Brian Griffin, I’m gonna finish my novel. I’m a proper renaissance man.

Ciao For Now




  1. I love the idea of a youtube channel mate. I am very self conscious too and have made a few videos just for the sheer enjoyment. I’d prefer to make videos with other people and stay as writer/director but no one wants to, so I had to step in if I ever was going to make any Youtubes! You clearly are an old rocker at heart and you could do a podcast where you just talk or make videos with a still image or image montage and put your voice track to that, you don’t have to sit in front of a camera to make Youtubes mate!

    and… *in Stewie Griffin voice* “Got a a big, uh, big stack of papers there? Got a, got a nice little story you’re working on there? Your big novel you’ve been working on for three years? Huh? Got a, got a compelling protagonist? Yeah? Got a obstacle for him to overcome? Huh? Got a story brewing there? Working on, working on that for quite some time? Huh? Yeah, talking about that three years ago. Been working on that the whole time? Nice little narrative? Beginning, middle, and end? Some friends become enemies, some enemies become friends? At the end your main character is richer from the experience?” 😉

    Just kidding mate I’m finishing many novels all of the time!

    • Well I’m keeping up the Album Of The Year, and intend keeping a diary type thing. For the rest, we’ll see

      • This site would be a sadder place if you quit entirely mate. I like reading your blog and the fact we’re both from black country and I’ve met you once, just adds a bit of interest. We need to meet up properly sometime. Have a proper chat and a laugh. Share some ideas etc.

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