Posted by: docdenbow | December 30, 2012

Blogging – What’s The Point?

I really should not spend too much time unoccupied. If I do I get rather maudlin, my thoughts turn to the past and I become a hypochondriac. Well, I’m not having that – that’s a very negative way to be. Especially if you look around and see all of the troubles and woes on this planet of ours. No I really shouldn’t think like that. On the whole 2012 has been a great year for me. I can’t really explain or list the things that have gone well, but everything on the whole has.

On this blog I’ve managed to put together 120 odd posts. They’ve been across a variety of subjects and looking at the stats some have proved to be more popular and more widely read than others. I really just wish that any readers would interact more. For all the stats that WordPress provides I have no idea who reads the blog or more to the point why.

Sometimes I find it really frustrating, I put a fair amount of work into this to try to make it a good read and where appropriate, amusing. The fact that no one comments does bother me as it makes me feel like I’m talking to myself. Perhaps I should be happy with the hits and visits I get, I don’t know.

So what do I want?

Well to be honest, l don’t think I’m going to get what I want. I’d love to have a blog where I’m being bugged and badgered to write another post with an army of followers awaiting. Well that clearly is not going to happen. What I would like though, is for some people I follow on Twitter and who follow me to take a look and have a read now and again. I’d even be happy if they posted negative comments (which I’d approve) as at least I’d know it was being looked at.

So what am I getting at?

I’ve now been at this blog for two years and I am beginning to wonder whether it’s worth carrying on. Would my time be better spent doing something else? Should I continue and post more. Should I continue and post less frequently? I don’t know. It just seems that this blog is important to me, but is only electronic toilet paper to the wider world.

So what do I expect?

Expectations are a dangerous thing. I expect maybe one or two people will suggest I carry on, telling me how much I enjoy blogging. That’s what I expect. (They won’t tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog) The enjoyment though is waning and over the past months months I’ve found it very hard to write anything without repeating myself or plagiarising what I’ve written in the past.

Tracey Louise manages to post almost daily. The difference between me and her (apart from the obvious) is that her blog is a kind of diary – an account of her day to day life. But more importantly, for me at least, I don’t think she is that bothered by comments or stats. She just writes for herself to leave a trail of where she is in her life and where she’s been and where she’s heading. When she gets to my age I bet she’ll look back on it (and her younger self) with humour and great memories.

Over the past two years of keyboard tapping, I’ve never had a clear focus of what to write about. The earlier posts were mostly written with no planning and were effectively a stream of consciousness. As a result I was less than satisfied with a lot of them. I decided to cut the crap out entirely. No more “funny” short stories, nobody read them, or commented that they enjoyed them. I also decided to duck out on posts about music for fear of turning into a bit of a music w*nker. I broke my promise to myself on that one, but I was struggling for things to say.

What I have been trying to do is comment on sport, the news, TV, current events – you know the sort of thing. Well I am not sure about that anymore. What gives me the right to publish on the internet my opinions about people who are a damn sight more successful that I’ll ever be? Okay, you could say that the internet is the last bastion of democracy but no one listens to the “little man’s” voice. I’m just p*ssing in the wind.

Anyway does the opinion of a poorly educated 54 year old bloke justify him whingeing on the internet about how no one reads his blog?

He should just be thankful there is an outlet……but perhaps it’s not worth it for him anymore…





  1. My attitude to blogging is very similar to what you are saying. No one reads most of the posts with the odd exception where you see a sudden spike in hits. I’d be sad to see you disappear from the internet and no longer write. After two years you can almost come to a brick wall. I’m at that very point too. But I do enjoy it and sometimes I think to hell with it, if you get through to a single pair of eyes and they are entertained, whether they comment or like, is fair game. Of course there is no way to know that you are doing this but I’d assume that someone somewhere really does enjoy your posts. In fact I’m guessing that many dozens of people dip in and out regularly.

    I try not to look at the stats too hard. Trust me, the only big spike I ever had in hits didn’t see many comments or likes of new followers. I’d hoped it would and it didn’t. So I certainly don’t expect too much these days.

    I’d love to inspire you with my comment but you sound like you have alrady made your mind up on the future and my words here will mean little when it comes to your choice to carry on or stop.

    My only advice would be, try writing about something you know about and love. It always comes across in the writing when you are truly speaking from your heart. I personally enjoy your music posts and feel that is somewhere you could go. Maybe set your self the simple target of one post a week and allow one post a month to be just about music. One post a month could be about talking about the past and hopes for the future, the other posts could be about a news article or a celebrity.

    I know you have a love of computers and modern technology and the web in general. Maybe you could blog about new apps, solutions to PC problems, do a mac vs PC or iphone vs Samsung review, talk about kindles and ebooks and things you miss about the old internet like forums over facebook etc, etc.

    I hope my comment inspires you, I know what this time of year is like with its depressing, dark, miserable, wet days and nights. It can bring you down and cause dark thoughts. If you choose to quit please keep in touch but I really hope you stick around fella.

    Your blog buddy,


  2. Keep blogging den

  3. The secret behind writing is to have passion about the words. To be fair, I have days when I go blank. Days when nothing has happened, days when I can’t think how something fits together… maybe on certain days, it’s just lack of time.

    Trying to write every day is very difficult task, because everyone who tries, always hits that wall. But, missing a day, missing two days, or even more days, isn’t the end of the World. We aren’t machines, and nobody is paying us for our output. We aren’t on the clock here, and we don’t owe anyone anything.
    If it’s fun, then do it. If it isn’t fun… stop.

    But to stop doesn’t mean it has to be an end. A stop can be just a stop… a rest, Why does everything have to be so final?
    You have a nice blog here, I read it but I don’t comment, partly because I write enough during a day without dipping back here to see if you’ve replied to my reply which I replied to.. and now I have to reply to make a point.
    I enjoy the read… that’s enough.

    I think we have a right to blog about anything we like. The Worlds rights and wrongs, the rich and the famous. We have a right to our say, because they have a right to their say. And before this shit came along, only they had a platform. This is now our platform!

    You are right about me, I pay little attention to stats. I don’t know how accurate Worpress stats are for a start… Is it 2000 visits… or one person visiting 2000 times? I have no idea, and I don’t really think about it much. I know if someone leaves a comment my stats are higher, so that may mean they have come back on numerous occasions to see if I’ve replied.

    It doesn’t matter… just enjoy what you do. Others pick up on the passion…

    Saz x

  4. The answer to your problem is simple, don’t care. I blog intermittently, I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to blog more. I really, really do not give a “monkeys” if anyone likes it, reads it or cares to reply. I am happy with who I am, I do not need the approval of complete strangers.

    I blog because it is a way of shouting at the world. It matters not if any bugger is listening.


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