Posted by: docdenbow | December 29, 2012

Wolverhampton Wanderers Should Sack The Team

So here I am again writing a little piece about Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. For the Wolves it’s been a pretty eventful year has 2012. On 13 February 2012 Mick McCarthy was sacked after a string of poor performances culminating in defeat by WBA. Some were sad and some were glad to see Merlin go. Me? Well I thought that if he were to be fired it needed to be before Christmas and then to back the new manager to the hilt in the January sales. Neither happened and after pursuing various managers and offering the job to Steve Bruce then un-offering the job to Steve Bruce installed Terry “Clipboard” Connor into the Manager’s chair and he led the Mighty Molineux Boys unerringly to the Championship.

Clipboard was summarily demoted and a bloke no one has ever heard of appointed as Manager. This despite there being one or two geezers out there who we had heard of but probably wanted a bigger salary. So the appointment was made, the die was cast and Wolves ended up with a bald Norwegian in the hot seat. No, to be fair to the bald Norwegian, Stole Solbakken, he came highly rated by Woy Hodgson who himself seems to know what he’s talking about football-wise.

Once in place Stole set about his team building by trying to create a team in his own image. To this end he has been largely successful as he has signed players who, like himself, no one has ever heard of. This rag tag bunch with names hard to say have seamlessly bonded into the ethos of the Molineux players. “Don’t try too hard and pick up your wages.”

Well, no that’s not strictly fair. Not at all.

In any other walk of life, apart from professional football (and I’m talking players here) if you’re sh*t at your job, the boss will have a few chats and if you remain sh*t at your job after that, or spend too much time on the sick then it’s “here’s your P-45 now f*ck off.” Wolves have a catalogue of inept players to whom this must be said.

Ladies and gents I give you –


There’s probably more, and ok I may be being harsh as Johnson has perked up and Doyle is a good player surrounded by crap but do you see what I’m getting at? Ok I’ll spell it out, tear up the contracts of the crap players, loan ‘em out, do whatever it takes and get some others in. Players who are passionate about the Wolves, the game and the glory. We don’t want a bunch of mediocre nearly men or has beens in our club.

So go, now, please – before you take another good man down.

By the way Karl Henry is a really sh*t player

Ciao For Now




  1. My anger at Wolves fans on twitter today has reached a new high. They so quickly shout “SACK THE MANAGER” and give applause to the man that they helped get sacked less than twelve months ago when they were shouting “F*** OFF MICK, SACK MICK, MICK OUT” The manager is OK, the players are a bunch of ****s who don’t want to learn a new system or do what they are told. They are no longer getting their c***s stroked by Mick who saw his downfall in his loyalty to the list of players you named. They all knew they would be picked regularly if fit regardless when Mick was in charge and now they have to prove it they are crying like a bunch of ****s. If they pick up the money they should pick up their game. They are professionals. If they don’t want to have any pride in the club and don’t want to put in any effort, they should ALL f*** off! Give Stale a transfer window then judge him in March. Wolves I love, but some Wolves fans I f***ing hate!

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