Posted by: docdenbow | December 20, 2012

Pascal’s Wager & The Mayans & Other Nutjobs

As the world is ending tomorrow, well at least it is according to the Mayans and various nutjobs who have taken their calendar as a prophetic piece of difficult sums and all that. Last night via the magic that is YouTube and TiVo synchronisation I watched an episode of Penn and Teller’s fantastic programme “Bullshit.” Interesting viewing it was to too. Don’t believe me? Well have a look – and don’t forget to come back here and read some more.


Okay, good wasn’t it? Anyway back in January of this year I wrote this Old Blog Post and I thought it was a pretty nifty post and made some good points. Having read it back I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not a Believer, I’m not prepared to hedge my bets by choosing a Religion so if I’m right God will welcome me to His bosom and if I’m wrong I’ve lost nothing but a few hours a week. This is known as Pascal’s Wager, and is better summarized thus –

“If you believe, and God exists, then you will be rewarded with an infinite payout. If you disbelieve, and God exists, then you lose out on the reward. If God does not exist, then either way nothing happens.”

So where am I going with this? Well every year someone somewhere, usually a cult leader, predicts the fall of mankind and the end of civilization and indeed the DFS sale. I mentioned in January that nutjob Keith, well he got it wrong didn’t he? These lowlife cult leaders and self proclaimed and ordained prophets usually claim that their calculators had run out of batteries or that they had misinterpreted the message that God had sent them as an excuse why we are still looking at them puzzled still very much alive. If the world was to come to an abrupt end tomorrow it is more likely that Mankind would be responsible by setting of nuclear weapons. We’ve more chance of being zonked out existence by a bunch of aliens than by being “Raptured” by a vengeful God or something the extinct Mayans saw that we can’t see today.

Mind you, that’s not to say that I don’t have a kind of sympathy with these doom mongers. They, like all of us, can see see we live in a pretty f*cked up world. This year we have seen the scandals of the Leveson enquiry, the Savile etc sex abuse revelations and the recent shootings in a primary school in Connecticut to name but 3 horrible things we have seen. Speaking of school shootings did you know that there have been 24 in the USA since 2000? I didn’t – it’s a staggering and horrifying figure. I think these doom mongers are kind of altruistic anarchists who wish society to be ripped to shreds so that we as a species can start anew and second time around get things right.

Anyway moving on to that “musical” chap known as Stevie Morrissey. In the wake of the tragic death of Jacintha Saldanha following a “joke” by a couple of Australian DJ’s who were enquiring about the welfare of the Duchess Of Cambridge in terrible accents, who does the genius blame? The DJ’s, the Radio Station, the media for publicizing the misguided “prank? Nope, he blamed the Duchess herself. Check out this Guardian article – The Guardian – which sums up what I think is the crass stupidity and pig ignorance of the Mancunian mugwump. The former darling of disenfranchised miserable students of the 1980’s has turned into a self styled intellectual genius who uses his “fame” to spout offensive crap. Those miserable students have had 30 years to grow up and get a real view of the world, Stevie baby why can’t you do the same? And by the way you haven’t made a decent record since Johnny Marr decided that you weren’t the effort. Oh yes and read the comments on The Guardian article, they are interesting. Thinking of Stevie these days the words “sad” and “parody” do spring to my mind.

I’m not clever or diligent enough to write a real review of 2012, but this’ll do for starters.

Ciao For Now,




  1. Great documentary. I love Penn and Teller.

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