Posted by: docdenbow | December 16, 2012

What Makes Someone An “Expert Field Caller” Of Sasquatches?

I have a TiVo, it’s a great piece of kit and for those of you who don’t know it’s like Sky Plus only about ten million times better. Now in the past week or so I have discovered the joys of using the TiVo to watch YouTube. I’ve synch’d my Android phone to the Tivo so that I can look for videos and then play them back on said TiVo. Whoopie do I hear you say, but you are missing the point.

With my new found 42” screen access to YouTube I have reignited the fire within me that is my obsession with the Finding Bigfoot programmes and others from the same genre. I hope that by devouring all of the available evidence on the and on t’internet that I can become a top authority on the elusive Squatch and offer my stolen insights, knowledge and evidence to prove once and for all that it takes a nutter to spend 25 years, or more, chasing something that may or may not exist.

There are many self appointed experts out there. They are a bit like the crop circle experts who, despite people admitting to making them, insist that said circles are a definitive proof of something or other. They just aren’t clear about what that something or other may be. In a similar way we have Bigfoot experts, expert fielder callers. We have wood knock experts, stone chucking experts, footprint experts, behaviour experts – the list seems to be endless. So many experts yet so little hard evidence.

Aside from the frankly dubious Patterson – Gimlin film from 1967 I’ve yet to see any convincing images of a Squatch, be it a photo or a film. All of the witnesses seem to make similar assertions to the stereotypical fisherman – “it was this big!” Besides most of the photos people take of Bigfoots are out of focus, leading to my theory that in real life Bigfoots are blurry by nature.

Now as you may know, or not know don’t care really, I really like watching Finding Bigfoot on t’telly but I’m not sure whether the intentions of the researchers/presenters is to inform or entertain. They certainly hold some odd views. What I find to be disturbing is that they talk of these “theories” as facts and follow them to the T, when none of them seem to have actually encountered a real Squatch face to face so to speak. They have claimed to hear Bigfoot calls, tree knocks and follow up on eyewitness encounters, but the show they are on seems just that “a show” and nothing more.

Anyway Matt, Cliff, Ranae and Bobo if you want real evidence of a Bigfoot stop walking around the woods 4 people deep expecting to just find one. These crtitters are meant to be shy and elusive yet you guys go around making one hell of a racket and as it might mean they are not there (or don’t exist) or they sense you and don’t want to be around you. They might have a great sense of smell like the majority of forest life and animal life for that matter and they want to avoid something they do not know because God knows they never experienced us if we haven’t experienced them.

Finally I want to raise a few fundamental points. Something that the self appointed and self anointed experts need to accept if they are ever going to gather enough evidence to prove the Squatch is a real creature.

1) What makes you think ol’ Squatchy is nocturnal as all the sightings reported to you are during the day?

2) What does a beast 8 feet tall and weighing God only knows what actually eat – and is there there enough of it 52 weeks of the year and for the “family groups” that you are certain they live in?

3) Where do these doods live?

4) Why are you so certain that screeching like a banshee will make them come to you?

5) What makes someone an “Expert Field Caller” (your words not mine) What qualifies you as an expert? The singular ability to call Bigfoot, and never, ever have one show up?

6) How can you be an expert on Bigfoot behaviour when the only view of them and their “behaviour” is a fleeting glimpse by some terrified innocent?

7) How can you be so sure that the replies to your knockings and screamings aren’t from a bunch of locals having a giggle?

8) Erm, there’s probably more, but……………..oh sod it.

I still lurve that prog tho’

Ciao For Now



stole this from a YouTube comment –

“I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark at something – let’s see how close I come. Episode *-* will begin with a review of a grainy video of a blob. The team will talk to the filmer of the blob. Matt will tell the blob that it was a sasquatch. One of the 4 will camp out where the blob was filmed. The team will have a town meeting where locals will claim they, too, have seen blobs. The episode will conclude with the team going out at night in the area and shouting and banging on trees.”



  1. I am unaware of this show but it looks awesome. I’m considering writing a similar post on UFOs now, thanks for the inspiration mate. I need it. Take care. 🙂

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