Posted by: docdenbow | December 13, 2012

A Real Live Lover, Could Have Been A Book

I promised myself and a Twitter pal that I would not write anything about music on this blog anymore, but having sort of let myself down by using The Wildhearts’ “TV Tan” as both inspiration and illustration on my last post I’m feeling moved to write about music once more today.

Anyone who has read this blog regularly will know that my musical taste, obsession, call it what you will changes like the wind. I’ve banged on about Roxy Music, Jellyfish, Thin Lizzy, The Albion Band and Glenn Hughes. I’ve also mentioned my discovery of Scott Walker – not that he needed any discovering, it’s just that I’d always associated him with the Walker Brothers and a few hits in the 1960’s.

I spent nearly 22 years managing record shops, but although that job may be the envy of many, I ended up day after day playing, and being force fed, albums that I had to promote and shift in big numbers. Yes in the punk era, all sorts of stuff got played, but none of that ever caught my fancy. In truth unless it was Roxy Music, hard rock/heavy metal and Glenn Hughes I gave very little time of day to anything. As a result lots of stuff went completely unnoticed and it’s only now at my rather advanced age (!) that I am making some new discoveries, musically speaking. I was also incapable as a young chap to appreciate the finer points of much music so much of what I like now I would have decried as being “sh*t!.”

Anyway I digress. Over the years I have read about Nick Drake, the seemingly tortured genius who died tragically young in ambiguous circumstances. Magazines like Q and Mojo wrote articles which I read with interest but was never moved to listen to any of his music. Shuffling around as you on the internet I read with great interest the Wiki on Nick Drake learning that during his lifetime basically no one bought his records.

He released just 3 albums. Five Leaves Left (1969), Bryter Layter (1970) and Pink Moon (1972) and November 25 1974 he was gone at the age of 26. At the inquest that December, Drake’s coroner stated that the cause of death was as a result of “Acute amitriptyline poisoning – self administered when suffering from a depressive illness”, and concluded a verdict of suicide. A sad end to life, any life, but Nick Drake did leave behind a legacy in those 3 albums from 40 plus years ago.

Finally earlier this year I heard Nick Drake’s music for the first time. Whilst by no means full of “catchy” songs, I was immediately struck by the beauty of the music, Nick’s wistful vocal and the sympathetic arrangement of his songs. Nick’s guitar playing was also unique, he used several unusual tunings which served to add a uniqueness to his playing.

That’s all I have to say really,dive onto the internet a treat yourself to an album, and I’ll even bet that the compilation “Way To Blue” is on the shelves of your local HMV….

Ciao For Now




  1. Hi Den, I will check him out right now. Sounds promising.

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