Posted by: docdenbow | November 11, 2012

Homophobia – The Worst Disease

In the days and weeks that have followed the revelations about the odious Jimmy Savile and his amoral behaviour, I have after much thought become fearful of the repurcussions on a group within our society. This is a group that covers all walks of life, all classes, all professions and all ages. I am of course talking about the gay community. This community encompasses men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicity and religion. However, as I alluded to in my posting about the way the political interview Phillip Scofield managed to fluster our great Prime Minister, there is a massive amount of ignorance in society, which Mr. Cameron managed to seemingly amplify, endorse and indeed be a part of.

I am of course talking of the way in which Mr. Cameron felt that leaking names of suspected paedophiles on the internet could lead to a “gay witch hunt.” In making his statement on “This Morning” as he did, Mr. Cameron only served, in my opinion, to re-enforce the ignorance and bigotry that pervades the septic little island. Let’s face it, there is there another group within society, a group, perhaps, of a similar size to the gay community, or maybe even bigger. I am talking about the thick as pigsh*t homophobic community.

The members of this community often are heard to utter such crippling inanities:

“I don’t mind poofs so long as they keep away from me.”

Now, men who make such proclamations usually have a few similar mental and indeed physical traits. They are usually overweight, ugly and they smell a bit. They may well also have tattoos across their knuckles which drag along the floor and their newspaper of choice is The Sun or sometimes the Daily Star. In fact most are about as attractive as a road accident and are lucky to have anyone come near them let alone make a pass at them. Intellectually they are a tad limited, not exactly rocket scientists. For example, they know not the difference between a paedophile and a paediatrician thus resulting in attacks on houses and hospitals of Doctors. In a nutshell they are thick.

However, even though they are thick they can be dangerous. They tend to be pack animals and are easily led. All they seem to need is to be empowered by the press or influential members and off they will run salivating and scream for blood. Whose blood seemingly is immaterial. The misguided empower the terminally stupid, and comments by our esteemed Mr. Cameron blurring the boundaries between homosexuality and paedophilia could and maybe will create another group within society – vigilantes.

I thought gay bashing had come to an end but I wonder whether the whole Savile business and the furore surrounding it has inflamed the sensibilities of society to such an extent that the gay community may end up getting caught in the crossfire.

I hope not


“Up behind the bus stop in the toilets off the street
There are traces of a killing on the floor beneath your feet
Mixed in with the piss and beer are bloodstains on the floor
From the boy who got his head kicked in a night or two before.

Homophobia-the worst disease
You can’t love who you want to love in times like these
Homophobia-the worst disease
You can’t love who you want to love in times like these

In the pubs, clubs and burger bars, breeding pens for pigs,
Alcohol, testosterone and ignorance and fists
Packs of hunting animals roam across the town
They find an easy victim and they punch him to the ground.

Homophobia-the worst disease
You can’t love who you want to love in times like these
Homophobia-the worst disease
You can’t love who you want to love in times like these

The siren of the ambulance, the deadpan of the cops,
Chalk to mark the outline where the boy dropped
Beware the holy trinity: church and state and law
For every death the virus gets more deadly than before.

Homophobia-the worst disease
You can’t love who you want to love in times like these
Homophobia-the worst disease
You can’t love who you want to love in times like these”

Ciao For Now




  1. I have two gay members of my immediate family and I know gay people and it sickens me that they could be singled out for loving the wrong person. People hate because they confuse love and sex and then they add to the mix hate. Straight and gay people love, they also have sex, what’s the issue? If it’s done outdoors (and it shouldn’t be – gay or straight!) who gives a f*ck?! Homophobes are scum, I’m sure they know it too. If it wasn’t gays they were hating on it’d be something else. They are just haters looking for a reason to be vocal. F*ck them all.

  2. Oh yeah I forgot, if people confuse child sex offences with homosexuality then they are truly beyond intellectual redemption. Cameron has proven his worth on this matter on This Morning. Totally out of touch c****! This self interested Eton prick is running our f*cking government. Lib Dems are in bed with him! The world is truly mental my friend!

  3. I struggle to understand prejudice based on race or sexuality. I believe if you are a twat you are a twat, irrespective of which side you “bat” for or which deity you trust your immortal soul to.

    Two female colleagues of mine are homosexual (in fact they are both bi-sexual but live together as partners), but that doesn’t define who they are. They do not make a big issue of their sexuality. It is only a part of what they are. If you didn’t know they were gay you would never tell. They make no secret of it but they do not introduce themselves as gay partners.

    This brings me neatly to my second point.

    Why do some gay men “mince”. It is not necessary and, quite frankly, ridiculous. Why would you wish yourself to be stereotyped? It’s the same for “butch” lesbians. Why do they have “gay pride” marches? Homosexual men and women have spent decades breaking down barriers, becoming accepted, becoming normal. They have fought for and won the right to get married, adopt children and have all the rights heterosexual partnerships enjoy. So why would they put themselves in the way of hatred and ridicule? I often think that some gay men & women want to be castigated, it makes them feel special when, in reality, they aren’t.

    My biggest hero, Freddie Mercury, was publicly bisexual. His death brought great awareness of AIDS to the world at large. We were discussing our musical tastes during a break at work and I said Queen were by far my favourite band. One of the assembly looked straight at me and said “That Freddie Mercury was a f*cking gay c*nt, eh? ha, ha, ha!”. The rest of our little gathering were stunned into an audible silence. Then one of my colleagues looked up from his coffee, looked around the group and shaking his head replied “what a cock”, we erupted. I thought such bigotry had long since died. It is sad that people can still hate in such a way.

    We all have our tags. I am a fat, forty-something bloke from the Black Country. And I am happy to be so.


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