Posted by: docdenbow | November 8, 2012

Scofield To Present Newsnight?

First of all let me state that I am not David Cameron’s biggest fan. In my view he is an upper class twit who has all but got upper class “Twit Of The Decade” sewn up. Indeed he is way ahead of all of the other candidates who may be out there. He thinks that his soundbites show him to be a serious contender on the world stage of international politics, all his comments succeed in showing him to be of severely limited intellect.

His appearance on this morning was a fantastic display of ineptitude and he was clearly wrong footed by that experienced political interviewer Phillip Scofield.

His comparison of paedophiles with gay people is odious and illustrates a narrowed, blinkered view of the world. He talks of a “witch hunt” against gays because there are a number of names being bandied around. I’m no expert but I always thought that being gay and being a paedophile were two completely different things. I also have also believed that paedophiles can prefer boys or girls or both. Were I a gay man I would be offended by Cameron’s comments for many reasons, but especially for the staggering amount of ignorance that he displays for all to see.

In 2012 does anyone truly give a flying flea as to who is gay and who is not? The fact that Cameron has insufficient confidence in members of his party who may be gay is to me rather worrying as it’s pretty clear in his muddled thinking gay and paedophile are two sides of the same coin.

To go on I think he’s a cheeky b*st*rd for trying to hijack the enquiries into child abuse by mumbling comments as to how he has authorised them. I know he’s the Prime Minister but who the hell does he think he is? Trying to score political points in a situation where the “names on the internet” individuals are all concerned with his party at high levels. Cameron’s talk of “witch hunts” leads me to wonder what witches are being hunted.

The new enquiry announced on Bonfire’s Day (apt?) is to be reinvestigating the same ground as the Waterhouse enquiry from ten years ago. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has said that

“… we should look to make sure that the work that was done in relation to the Waterhouse inquiry did cover everything that it needed to cover.” She announced on 6 November that Keith Bristow, the head of the National Crime Agency, would lead an investigation into how old claims of abuse were handled, and at fresh allegations.

Yeah right, so why am I not exactly inspired by the news of a fresh enquiry? Is it because I suspect that Waterhouse was a balls up from start to finish? Newport West MP Paul Flynn said: “I believe there was a cover-up and that powerful people were responsible for ensuring that allegations were not aired in public as they should have been” What he know that we don’t?

Next? Scofield to present Newsnight?

We should be told.

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