Posted by: docdenbow | November 5, 2012

Do We Need A Paedofinder General?

I stated in my last post that I was not going to write anything about Savile etc etc until I have something fresh to say, instead of continuing to rake over old coals so to speak. I have thoughts where I will be going with my next posting on that subject, but that can be left for now even though the old coals may well be raked once again.

This whole sorry and sordid episode has set me thinking. The BBC has been hammered and apparently we the public has lost faith in the broadcasting monolith. However, there has been little or no mention of the fact that the public may have also have lost faith in the powers of law and order and child protection in terms of Social Services in general. In recent years we have seen people released from prison after serving years for crimes they didn’t commit or even worse the “proof” that they did commit a crime was either manufactured or “confessions” beaten out of suspects. Ok it’s a few years ago, but check the case of the “Bridgewater 4” by reading Paul Foot’s excellent book “Murder At The Farm.” True back in those days the CID could act with impunity using the time honoured methods of “Pick ‘Em Up. Fit ‘Em Up. Lock ‘Em Up.” These days with PACE those sort of things are less likely to happen, but part of me wonders whether the legal protections of PACE prevent the Police, on occasions, from speedily gathering evidence from a suspect. Silence seems to be interpreted an assertion of innocence, it should be viewed as an admission of guilt.

However, in many cases the Police can only act on allegations put to them. Here I am talking of course about the type of allegations awash in the media at present. Sexual abuse doesn’t usually take place in the full view of members of the general public, and the Police for one reason and another are not viewed with trust, certainly as an empathic institution. The abused and molested in our society need to have somewhere where they can speak, and it should not only be a Charities like Childline, Barnados and NSPCC. Social Services and education authorities should have a larger role and more staff so that they can adequately monitor, counsel and mentor the vulnerable members of society.

This point does not just apply to girls and boys at risk or victims of sexual abuse, it also applies to all members of society but especially children. We see in the news stories of violent abuse of tiny babies by degenerate “partners” who kill and maim because the infant’s cries “get on their nerves.” The sentences usually passed on these offenders rarely fits the crime and does not exactly faith in the future of our society. In these type of cases the Social Services are widely pilloried and made scapegoats by the press, in many instances rightly so, but where do we as individuals fit in? Are we allowed to abdicate all responsibility for our inactions? Whilst it is very easy to blame the over extended Social Services, perhaps all of us should alert and act on our knowledge and suspicions by not only alerting “the powers that be” but also by following through to ensure that there are investigations made.

There is obviously the danger of “mob rule” and all that may entail, but it is my belief that sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated so they should be removed from society. The typical Guardian reader will often try to blame the offender’s upbringing etc but should we care? The offences that these offenders commit are ingrained into their psyche and in their own eyes it is as “normal” as the sexuality of the other members of society. I don’t think any amount of counselling and education would stop me being heterosexual and I don’t believe there is any way to stop a sex offender from being a sex offender.

I am aware that a lot of what I have written here makes me sound like some kind of “Paedofinder General,” a right wing bigot, or even that low life, a Daily Mail reader from middle England. I am none of the above, I am merely someone at a loss at society and the way we look after, educate and treat our children.

I don’t have a great job, nor does my wife. We have spent many years of our married life living in borderline poverty, but we bought our children up to listen, care and have empathy with others – not just family either. We tried and succeeded in making them into rounded individuals to love and care for people.

I am very sad to say that people like us, my wife and I, are in a minority.

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  1. Spot on post Denbow. Just today I read about someone who had changed his name to Michael Jackson and got banged up after abducting and sexually assaulting a teenage girl in the 80s. After his release he decided to abduct off the street (in broad daylight) and assault a 10 year old boy, then trussing him up and locking him in a cupboard. Luckily the boy escaped. He’s had a min of 7 years, not enough, not by a long shot. Rehabilitation clearly did not work for him. As a mum of two small children, it is this kind of story that makes my blood run cold.


  3. Im new to wordpress, this is one of the first posts I’ve read, and I couldnt agree more. The problem of paedophilia is just not taken seriously by the Police, CPS or the Government.
    I speak from personal experience having recently reported a paedophile after finding shocking content on his phone & laptop. Without going into the whole sorry story, nothing was done about it, myself and my young daughter were treated as fantasists and criminals by the police, and the perportrator is still walking the streets unpunished and unmonitored, free to carry on committing his hideous crimes.
    I have just started my own blog as the experience has left me angry enough to begin campaigning for better treatment of victims / whistle blowers and for the powers that be to take the matter seriously. I know I cant change the world, but I can give it a damn good try.

  4. I totally agree. Especially with your closing statement. These days having kids is just something that some people have as its expected of them then they let ITV2 & the internet bring them up. Most young people have kids to put pictures of them on Facebook and then don’t care about them properly. People these days are just selfish and if it doesn’t effect them take no interest. Thats why we have this culture of silence re: Savile. People weren’t scared of him they just didn’t want to destroy there promotion prospects at the beeb or at the tabloids – selfish assholes culpable of allowing sexual assaults. Arrest them all I say!!!!

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