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What’s Wrong With The BBC & Why Are Big Stars Frightened?

Until I have something insightful or different to write about Jimmy Savile, Operation Yewtree and others who may or not be in the frame I am not going to write any more on the subject after I have got this off my chest. I wonder whether the wall to wall 24/7 coverage of the whole sorry affair is making Savile’s many victims feel any better as surely by now the entire population of the UK can see him for what he was – predatory sex offender, a paedophile. Isn’t it time this blanket coverage was curtailed and leave the police to get on with their investigations? When further arrests are made, then by all means report that, but until then let’s all give it a rest.

That being said, I truly believe that whatever “rough cut” still exists of the Newsnight programme from 12 months ago should be broadcast – as is. Further to that an enquiry from someone, and I think Dame Janet Smith is a good choice, should be made to find out why,amongst many other things, who decided to pull the programme, and why.

The Daily Telegraph last week published transcripts of some emails being passed back and forth at the BBC about the Newsnight programme and they do make rather interesting reading.

5 NOV 2011 Email, Peter Rippon to Newsnight team when told police had investigated child abuse allegations involving Jimmy Savile in 2007: “Excellent, we can then pull together the tx plan.” (Tx stands for transmission).

29 NOV Email, BBC Impact Team to Peter Rippon: “A huge amount of interest” and that “all domestic outlets would want to run it.”

30 NOV Email, Peter Rippon to Meirion Jones: “Having pondered this overnight I think the key is whether we can establish the CPS did drop the case for the reasons the women say. That makes it a better story – our sources so far are just the women and a second–hand briefing.”

30 NOV Email, Liz MacKean to an unnamed friend: “PR [Peter Rippon] says if the bosses aren’t happy … [he] can’t go to the wall on this one.”
1 DEC Email, Peter Rippon to Meirion Jones: “I think we should stop working on the other elements … because we don’t really have a strong enough story without it. I’ll pull editing now.”

2 DEC Head of news Helen Boaden tells George Entwistle at an awards lunch that if the Newsnight programme goes ahead he might have to change the Christmas schedules, which include a handful of Savile tribute programmes.

7 DEC Email, Meirion Jones to Peter Rippon. He insists “the story is strong enough” and the danger of not running it is “substantial damage to BBC reputation”.

9 DEC The Crown Prosecution Service tells Newsnight it did not investigate Savile because of lack of evidence. Rippon axes Newsnight item on Savile.

2 OCT 2012 Blog, Peter Rippon, BBC News website. Mr Rippon says on his blog that all the women spoken to by Newsnight had gone to the police already and that no new information had been uncovered by the investigation. Both points are denied by Meirion Jones in the Panorama programme.

5 OCT 2012 Email, George Entwistle to all BBC staff: “The BBC Newsnight programme investigated Surrey Police’s inquiry into Jimmy Savile towards the end of 2011.”

5 OCT Email, Meirion Jones to George Entwistle: “George – one note – the investigation was into whether Jimmy Savile was a paedophile – I know because it was my investigation. We didn’t know that Surrey police had investigated Jimmy Savile – no one did – that was what we found when we investigated and interviewed his victims.”

Heads must roll and charges be brought. It is us as licence payers who after all fund the BBC and we should see justice being done. The obtuse nature of Entwistle’s email of 5 October is breathtaking. Either the man is terminally stupid or misinformed by his minions or whatever you may indeed judge him to be. To think that we are supposed to believe that the whole Newsnight investigation about Savile was about whether the CPS had looked at bringing charges against him but as the charges were dropped there was no need to broadcast beggars belief.Therefore, as Victor Meldrew would say “I don’t believe it.”

Dare I say it, it is hardly a hot story that the CPS dropped charges as allegations would still be rumour, innuendo and smoke and mirrors, but a story investigating whether Savile was a paedophile with witness and victim testimony – now that is a hot story. It may not have fitted in with the usual Newsnight style of investigation, but given the weight of evidence uncovered it needed to be run – with an almighty BOLLOCKS to the Christmas schedule and dump the Shane Richie fronted “Fix It” rehash and whatever else the BBC had planned. Jesus man, there’s enough repeats on at Christmas so adding another one or two wouldn’t have been that hard now would it?

Dear BBC Explain The Above Please

In my view there are several culpable individuals who knew not only about Savile, but who also knew about others like him. From reading around the periphery of this whole issue it seems as though the whole matter of seemingly organized sexual abuse was/is widespread. I’m sure we’ve all either seen or heard about the now notorious Max Clifford YouTube video which apparently has now scuttled into hiding. If what Clifford was heard to say in this video was true then it should be a matter of course for the Operation Yewtree force to drag him to the nearest nick for questioning as he may know “where the bodies are buried.”

“A lot of big stars are frightened”: Max Clifford warns Jimmy Savile child abuse probe could “easily turn into a witch hunt”

Why are they frightened Max, why?

If innocent they should have no fear.

Ciao For Now




  1. The worst part of this entire event has been people saying “The 70s were a different time” Yeah and child abuse and rape were still child abuse and rape, just because we had a 3 day week and blackouts doesn’t change the crimes. Crimes are crimes and if celebrities (much loved or not) have to be arrested and questioned so be it. We have to take this shit serious and like you say if they have nothing to be worried about and don’t need to run to a publicist for help sugar coating any wrongdoings to save themselves, they have nothing to worry about do they. The BBC will survive this but some of its staff shouldn’t. At the end of the day thought the BBC are not the sex offenders and so we should concentrate more on the crimes than the corporation that might or might not have been culpable. Savile was clearly a paedophile who was given opportunities, allowed keys to schools and hospitals, permission to come and go as he pleased, and committed crimes with impunity. No wonder the catholic church knighted him, he was clearly a priest in training.

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