Posted by: docdenbow | October 28, 2012

Savile – Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Ok, before I start I really think I should make a few things clear for you. Numero Uno, I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist, secondly I’m a sceptic, thirdly I don’t necessarily believe what I see in the papers or on TV and fewly I like to gather the “evidence” of what is interesting me and draw my own conclusions. As a result down the years I’ve looked at assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK and looked at theories that seem plausible and dismissed others as being barmy. I have read and investigated in my own way the 9/11 terror attacks on the Twin Towers. I have read about UFO’s, little green men and all that. The moon landings have been another source of many wasted hours looking for “evidence” that the Apollo programme was a big con. Then there’s the “secret” Apollo 20 mission to investigate a crashed UFO piloted by a being who became known as Mona Lisa. (Look it up on t’internet and YouTube – I dare you.) now that’s a bridge too far – even for me. Space in general has left me clicking link after link and reading blogs written by blokes who must have padded rubber wallpaper. Please don’t start me on the whole Pyramids On Mars bit otherwise, well, otherwise…..

You may, if you’ve ever read any of this blog before had a look at my posts about the whole Jimmy Savile sexual abuse business. I have read much of the comment, seen much of the news and listened to the soundbites coming various parties who are squirming, condemning or wringing their hands in anguish. Many (too many) people have had the bare faced cheek, the self serving smugness to say that they knew all along that Savile was a nonce, but said nothing because no one would believe them. I fully understand that the victims felt that way and I know that their assertions are correct. Who was going to believe an adolescent from an approved school or a child over “Saint” Jimmy Savile? The abused often don’t report these kinds of things because of shame and fear. The shame that they as the victim are somehow to blame. The fear that no one will take their tears seriously or that the abuser will return to harm them again. Savile selected his victims carefully as people who no one would listen to and as a result got away with his sexcrimes for all of his life.

Yet as Exposure and Panorama showed people outside the of those abused either suspected or knew that Savile was using his position of trust and the gratitude for his charity work to hoodwink the wider world. Although Paul Gambaccini has stated on camera that Savile’s perversions were widely known that nothing was done. He knew so why didn’t he do something? His answer was that who would believe a lowly junior DJ? I would counter that it would be a few more than would listen to approved school girls. However, I’m not blaming Gambaccini because if he knew then I offer that so did many more. It can’t just have been Gambaccini who knew or suspected. Didn’t employees of the BBC ever talk to each other?

However, after pointing the collective fingers of blame at the BBC and the newspapers for not seeking and destroying Savile then other parties culpability and efficiency must be placed under the proverbial microscope. I am of course talking here about the security services. And this my friends isn’t the point where I turn into a conspiracy theorist nutter.

Savile mixed in high society. Matey with Prince Charles, a trustee or whatever the hell he was at Broadmoor and a regular visitor and pal of Thatcher.
One simple question.

What bonehead vetted him?

Really! Who???

What I want to know, did they even vet him? Was any investigation carried out about him to ascertain his suitability to mix with the Heir to the Throne and for all her many faults, The Prime Minister? It beggars belief that any checks made on him didn’t highlight his perversions. If they knew, why didn’t they expose and let him get an OBE an a Knighthood? If they didn’t know, then why not? Piss poor intelligence service we must have had. I hope it’s better now. Yes it must be because they got away with allegedly killing that Kelly chap didn’t they? Or did they ? Don’t know myself.

The fact that The Department of Health (DoH) is to investigate the decision to appoint Jimmy Savile as head of a taskforce overseeing Broadmoor hospital in 1988 speaks volumes. Whose bright idea was that? That really is a key question, it really is. I cannot see any justification for putting Savile in such a position – none whatsoever. At the end of the day he was a DJ and television presenter – end of. So what perceived qualifications did he have to lead this taskforce?

I ask again who was responsible for the appointment?

Like many things we’ll never be told, especially if the truth is not convenient. We’ll probably see a lot of guilty corpses here as dead men tell no tales.

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