Posted by: docdenbow | October 11, 2012

A Lunatic Being Given The Keys To The Asylum

I’ve just read that Jimmy Savile (I’ve stopped referring to him as Sir Jimmy Savile as it’s self evident he was a nonce) at one time had keys to high-security hospital Broadmoor, where he worked as a volunteer, and would have been able to access patients’ rooms. Given that sex offenders as well as being vile members of the species are also in the minds of any right thinking individual suffering from some kind of mental deficiency. Indeed this is a case of A Lunatic Being Given The Keys To The Asylum.

With fresh complaints of Savile’s horrendous behaviour coming to light day after day I still cannot get my around the fact that he got away with it for so long. Truly unbelievable that no one was listened to when allegations were made back in the day. Surely allegations of sexual impropriety involving children made against any individual requires investigating and should be taken seriously. The fact that allegations were made against Savile back in the day and it was known that he had access to young children should have set alarm bells ringing. The assorted Police forces and the CPS who were recipients of these complaints much be hanging their heads in shame.

To the press Savile’s behaviour was I believe was an open – or rather closed secret. There is a piece on the BBC website along with a video reports the following –

“A former editor of the Sunday Mirror who investigated claims made by two women that they were abused by Jimmy Savile has said he is now “totally and utterly convinced” that they were telling the truth.

Paul Connew said the newspaper interviewed two women who claimed they had been abused by Savile as children, but had decided against running the story at the time.

He insisted that while he personally believed the women were telling the truth, legal advice about the safety of the evidence they gave, along with the power of Jimmy Savile as a celebrity, persuaded him against running the story.

However, with new allegations now being made, Connew is convinced that the women’s stories were accurate.”

It’s this power of celebrity that keeps being mentioned time and again that worries me. It seems to suggest that if you’re famous you can get any with things that us mere mortals cannot. With celebrity status comes wealth, great wealth and it’s this wealth that gives access to great lawyers. Besides who’s going to believe their stories when put up against “Our Jimmy” the Champion Fundraiser? Don’t make any mistake Savile was clever, he must have been clever to get away with it for so long. Selecting victims who no one could or would believe. Spurned kids with an adolescent crush on a major star. He knew what he was doing.

He was a very tricky chap….cocky as well….

Just so you don’t think of me as a bandwagon jumper quick to condemn and saying things like

“I sensed he was a wrong ‘un”

I have to say I always found him to be an odd individual. I read his book “Love Is an Uphill Thing” and found his life story to be interesting. Here was a lad from a less than privileged background who had dragged himself up to the heights of fame and fortune and raised millions for charity along the way. I still thought he was a bit of a twat, but so what? Being a twat helps if you want to be famous.

It wasn’t until I watched the Louis Theroux documentary “When Louis Met Jimmy” that I felt really uneasy. The public image didn’t match the private man and his whole demeanour was somehow odd and defensive.

Judge for yourself

When Louis Theroux met Jimmy Saville

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