Posted by: docdenbow | October 10, 2012

Mark Hughes – The Best Manager In The Premier League

Having placed a couple of posts on here regarding the furore surrounding Jimmy Savile, I think it’s time (for the moment at least) to move on before this blog will have to renamed as “NonceWatch.” Fear not though, I will continue to look at the news and offer to you, dear reader, my own insights and interpretations as to what the hell is going on. Hey, if I can stir up and write enough sh*t I may end up working on The Daily Mail. Would that be a good thing? Well at least I guess that the pay is good.So who is your favourite Doc going to put the boot into this time? Well I think it’s about time I had go at a hitherto non targeted target.

Ladies and gentleman I give you Mark Hughes, a man who has spent ­£27million on transfer fees this summer (2012) as well as big wages for the free transfers he brought in among his 12 signings. He has led his ragtag bunch of misfits unerringly to the bottom of of the Premier League after several “unlucky” results which began with a 0-5 mauling against a Swansea City side. Just to remind you this was at Loftus Road as if you footies fans out there didn’t know. 7 games in QPR, under Hughes’ tutelage have reached the heady heights of 2 points, which I’m sure you’ll agree is not exactly Champions League form. Indeed at the current rate of points acquisition QPR will end the season on something between 10 and 11 points. This master tactician is telling everyone who’s prepared to listen and quite a few that aren’t that his side will “come good,” “continue to work hard” and “turn the corner.” There’s probably other catchphrases he’s using but I failed my GCSE in Football Cliches so I can’t tell you what they are.

How Mark Hughes has achieved the positions in football management is truly a mystery to me. True Sparky was a fine player, his playing skills are not in question, but rather his managerial abilities. I feel I must also illustrate out how “loyal” he is and perhaps then you’ll agree that he is an ordinary manager who has been extraordinarily lucky to have landed such high profile jobs.

Having been offered the Wales job he took charge and led the team to such heights as losing loads of games, picking up some draws and winning very few. As a heavy hitting International manager with an impeccable record was inexplicably given the manager’s job a Blackburn. He did quite well there but during his spell in charge of Blackburn, the side was accused of being “over-physical” and “dirty” on multiple occasions and the club finished bottom of the Premier League disciplinary table in all four of Hughes’ seasons in charge. Great tactics there, if you can’t dribble ‘em cripple ‘em. Definitely a master tactician.

In order to further his managerial aspirations Mark then left Blackburn and headed off to Manchester City where he was given millions of dodgy pounds by Thaksin Shinawatra to assemble a team of world beaters – he failed spectacularly. Sacked basically because he was doing a rubbish job. He next turned up at Fulham where he once again showed just how many jobs mediocrity can bring. 11 months after signing a 2 year contract he quit saying,

“As a young, ambitious manager I wish to move on to further my experiences”

Fulham owner Mohamed Al-Fayed hit back at Hughes for questioning the club’s ambition; Al Fayed called Hughes a “strange man” and a “flop” and says he rescued him from becoming a forgotten man after being sacked by Manchester City.

Imagine being called a strange man by Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Just wondering how the hell he got the job at QPR, that’s all.

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