Posted by: docdenbow | October 6, 2012

Aiding And Abetting Jimmy Savile

In the last week following the disclosure of the (then) upcoming programme about the sexual antics of Sir Jimmy Savile and indeed post the revelations from the “Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” programme, we have seen all manner of people voicing the fact that “they had their suspicions” or had knowledge of Savile’s predatory behaviour when it came to young girls. I alluded to my disgust at these revelations (that people knew) To me they are almost on a par with Savile’s (alleged) odious habits. “Assisting an offender” is a crime as is “aiding and abetting.” So where do we draw the line in the sand regarding those who have been “in the know” for years – even decades? Should they be prosecuted?

If, as seems likely, these allegations of Savile’s gross misconduct are proved to have substance and foundation, then it beggars belief that he got away with it for so long. Why did those who knew or suspected Savile of inappropriate behaviour not go to the police or the press? Furthermore if they did then why was the information seemingly never acted upon? I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe that the whole showbiz hierarchy were blissfully unaware of the simple fact that Sir Jimmy Savile was at the very least a dirty old man who preyed on the innocent for his own twisted gratification and at worst an out-and-out paedophile.

I truly believe that BBC employees from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low should take a long hard look at themselves and then pray to their Gods for forgiveness of their sins of omission. However, I think that those who should be praying extends far beyond the tight-knit community of the BBC. Consider this, how many of Savile’s charitable causes led him to a position where he could mingle unsupervised with underage girls? Me, I have no idea. The point I am trying to make is that the school mentioned in “Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” failed catastrophically in its’ duty of care to those resident girls by leaving a man to take those girls in his Rolls Royce alone on the simple grounds he was famous and a charity fundraiser. Was that the only school he was involved with?

During the height of Savile’s fame the newspapers, especially the Sunday tabloids felt very free to run salacious stories of the peccadilloes of the rich, famous and influential. They only had to get the general gist of the facts right and off they went to flood newsagents the length and breadth of this septic isle with lurid stories. Savile’s exploits would have made great copy. The fundraiser, the TV and Radio personality as a deviant? The story would have run and run and run.

Of course this sort of thing would not go by unnoticed these days, the offender would be found out, caught out, as we have much stricter laws , Childline, better child protection. Well I’m afraid this type of thing could go on these days. Most definitely.

The News Of The World in committing suicide after its’ disgrace at the hands of the Leveson enquiry has effectively set an unwanted precedent and handcuffed the press and the wider media in printing stories about anyone in the public eye (notwithstanding the truly invasive images seen of the Duchess Of Cambridge and Prince Harry which should have remained private). Before the ink would be dry on a modern day exposé, Savile would have let out screams of “invasion of privacy, “human rights,” “public interest.” and probably more. Injunctions would fly like litter in the wind and lawyers would get wealthier and wealthier. Whilst all the time Savile would be waiting to win the inevitable libel case (which he would – mate of the Prince Of Wales don’tcha know?) so he could complete the smokescreen and donate the damages to a “good cause.”

So yes Sir Jimmy Savile would have got away with it these days as he did before, he’d just have to be a bit more careful.

A Cynical And Sad Ciao For Now,



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