Posted by: docdenbow | October 3, 2012

A Conspiracy Of Silence?

If like me you “love” the hysterical press and bandwagon jumping celebrities, then the infamous episode of Chris Morris’ Brass Eye spoof new show may strike a chord with you. It’s the mocking of celebrities who believe anything, say anything, just to get their faces onto the front page.The subjects could be anything – the less these famous idiots knew about them the better. The fact that anyone with half a brain cell could see that Chris Morris was taking the piss made the crass remarks these famous folks uttered all the funnier.

Each and every interviewee turned into a rabid Daily Mail reader with their vast skills in faking sincerity bought well and truly to the fore. We had Cake – it’s a made up drug – ah yes so it’s made up is it? David Amess, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Basildon, was fooled into filming an elaborate video warning against the dangers Cake and asked a question about it in Parliament.


All of this self seeking was expertly captured and exploited by Chris Morris and the participants in these shows fell over themselves and went out of their to illustrate for the world to see just how dim they really are.

Now with the press awash with stories about Sir Jimmy Savile we have the same thing happening. Celeb after celeb parroting out the same trite old crap.

“We all suspected/knew what he was up to but didn’t do anything about it – I feel so guilty.”


Guilt you don’t know the meaning of the word. You were all being more than a little self serving, not wishing to rock the boat as you may well ruin your own career if any allegations didn’t stick. You are saying he had too much power and was too well loved by the establishment for any allegations to stick back in the day.

Bollocks again.

The women never complained when he was alive so you a virtual witness shut your eyes to what you KNEW was going on. Was the BBC as an entity party to this conspiracy of silence? Was letting Sir Jimmy Savile get away with it seen as being for the greater good because of the vast amounts of money he raised for charity and Stoke Mandeville in particular? I have no idea but it’s a thought……

I’ll certainly be watching the TV tonight.

It’s not all nonce-sense

Ciao For Now




  1. Excellent post. I missed the documentary but I will be tweeting this blog post as its superb.

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