Posted by: docdenbow | October 2, 2012

An Original Way To Kill Yourself

Surfing t’internet as you do, looking for stuff that’s remotely interesting, I chanced upon a news report about a man killed in a Highway accident in Montana USA. Sad to say, that type of news story would normally be just a postscript to local news over there. However, this story was different. Very different indeed.

It appears that the man who was killed wasn’t in a vehicle but was in the road when he had been hit by possibly two cars – certainly one. The fact that he was dressed in a ghillie suit only served to add to the mystery. Aah I hear you ask what on God’s green earth is a ghillie suit?

This my friends is a ghillie suit >×420/thatchreed/jghil_1.jpg

This is what the dead man was wearing when he met his death. The question is why? Why?

The local Police have spoken to the dead man’s friends who have suggested a reason for him to be wandering around Highway 93 in advanced camouflage gear at night. He wasn’t hunting, he wasn’t paintballing and he almost certainly wasn’t spying on anyone.

He was pretending to be a Bigfoot.

Some of the articles I’ve read strongly suggest he had “friends” with him and that he was trying to create a Sasquatch sighting. Well as this attempt was at night and he was invisible to the eye because of said camouflage gear it’s pretty safe to say that he failed. No one on Highway 93 reported seeing anything at all, certainly not a Sasquatch until he was found dead in the middle of the roadway.

He is surely heading for a Darwin Award.

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  1. I love the Darwin Awards! Its healthy for the species that we get these people out of the gene pool. I dunno who said this but they were right, “Even the Gene Pool needs a little chlorine from time to time!” 🙂

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