Posted by: docdenbow | September 9, 2012

Just In Case You Want To Know…..

This time last week I began writing what has since proved to be my single most popular, or to put it another way most read, single blog post – My “Open Letter To Frankie Boyle.”. It made me stop and consider just why I am writing this blog. In addition via the magic of Twitter I was asked –

Jay ‏@bilstonjay
@docdenbow what do you want to achieve blog-wise?

I replied –

Denbow ‏@docdenbow
@bilstonjay fame, fortune, song, women & dandelion & burdock #lowexpectations A career as a columnist would be appreciated

Having made such a jokey reply I did begin to wonder. I have written factual yet tongue in cheek articles. I have also published some introspective personal posts look back on my life. I have knocked out “funny” little stories.” All in all this blog is not focused, no common theme or thread and as a result it has all become rather “bitty.” A hotch-potch of half baked hastily written pieces and this coupled with a minor obsession on the number of hits has made me wonder whether anybody outside of a few friends come back regularly to read the stuff I have written.

It’s for this reason that the the little short stories will no longer appear on this blog. These little works of fiction like “My Gun Is Reasonably Brisk” will find a new home on my soon to come website located at (At present that domain will send you back here so don’t bother looking.) I’m pretty sure that no one reads these short stories so I’ve decided to stick them on this soon to come site, all together, so if anyone is remotely interested they can look there.

So what will be here in future? Well, this blog will be chock full of my thoughts and opinions on what is going on in the world. Things that don’t interest me will not make an appearance. You may not be interested in what I have to say, but I write this blog not only for me but also because I want to share my take on the great wide world. Most of all it will be real, you’ll read it (hopefully) and agree or disagree, and maybe even comment. And rest assured I do approve every comment that I get – I may edit to remove swear words but’s that’s all I’ll do.

I’ll probably ended up killing the traffic to this blog stone dead….but that’s a chance I have to take.

Ciao For Now




  1. The future is Docdenbow and if it aint and it turns out to be Bilstonjay I’ll sort you out mate. As the first guy who ever subscribed to my blog (yeah I checked you are) I’ll look after you bro. You can be my ayman al-zawahiri bro. 🙂

  2. Sounds like the way forward for me.

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