Posted by: docdenbow | September 2, 2012

An Open Letter To Frankie Boyle

Dear Frankie,

It seems as though you, our Frankie, wit and raconteur have landed yourself in hot water again. Now I don’t wish to appear to be obsessed with you as I’ve already mentioned in earlier posts some of the reasons I don’t like you – but giving it some thought these things need to be said.

Where do you get off with some (if not all) of your pathetic and offensive attempts at humour? Why do you do it? Is it pure narcissism? Do you enjoy the verbal violence of it all? Is it to get noticed by similarly offensive and immature individuals who find it acceptable to inflict cruelty without conscience? Pray tell us – and don’t say that it is the privilege of the comedic art or some other twaddle. Pushing boundaries is another no-no.

You are quoted as saying –

“Why not read the Paralympic jokes on my timeline and make your own mind up? Celebratory, non discriminatory, pretty funny.”

Well Frankie anyone will tell you that it’s not your place to decide which of your “jokes” are funny. That is the role of the audience, they laugh or they don’t. From where I’m sitting I don’t think that many disabled people are laughing with you, or even at you. They are surely just shaking their heads at your ignorance. The disabled folk of the world don’t deserve to be mocked and certainly not by you. I have epilepsy and let me tell you right now I have heard all of the jokes. All of them. I have a sense of humour about my epilepsy – but it is my epilepsy. The thing is I can be self-deprecating but I would NEVER stand in front of an audience of fellow sufferers and mock and insult as you do. I have a right to laugh at my own disability. I’ve earned that right having suffered with the condition for 50 plus years – all of my life in point of fact. So if you Darling Frankie ever thought that sufferers of epilepsy, for example, and other disabled people are an easy target let me ask you these 3 questions.

1)- Do you ever think before you open your mouth?
2)- Are you capable of humour without causing offence?
3)- Can you for once apologise or even consider you’ve gone too far?

I realize that I’m in the minority here, and God forbid, I even sound like a whingeing Daily Mail reader but your “humour” makes me despair of the world at large and your contribution to it doesn’t help. As you know, and I’ve read, you have paid £2.7m in tax since 2007, which amounted to just under 40% of your income. I applaud the fact that you paid tax on what you earned. I really do. But the way you phrased your claim of innocence of tax evasion made me feel that we “the great unwashed” should be grateful that you, the great Frankie Boyle, paid your taxes. It’s the law – you’re supposed to do it. Methinks you protest too much. You seem to have leapt to own defence pretty quickly when the barbs were aimed at you. Beside it’s the simple fact that I feel the tax you paid and the way you told of it is tantamount to blood money because your earnings are derived from being horrible.

I sincerely believe Frankie, that the “humour” from which you derive your large income acts to reinforce a lot of prejudice and bigotry in our society. Homophobia, xenophobia, mocking the elderly, disabled people – are these soft targets for you? Don’t you think that you have a moral responsibility as many of your fans think that because you insult, belittle and look down on these groups of people in the name of “humour” begin to believe that as Frankie says it, that they can too? Your “humour” serves to reinforce negative stereotypes and could be construed as divisive in our society. Your recent remarks on Twitter about the Paralympics, if spoken by Nick Griffin, would have hit all of the broadsheets and tabloids too and would have received widespread condemnation. He would not have the luxury of being able to hide behind his “art” as you do mate. He’d be seen for what he is.

So what’s the difference between Frankie and Nick?

I hope and pray that there are enough rightminded individuals who see you, dear Frankie, for what you are, or at least what you appear to be.

Love And Biscuits, Frankie. Love And Biscuits……………

Ciao For Now


p.s. After writing this and guessing he’s read it Mr Boyle has blocked me on Twitter.



  1. This is a superb post. Frankie Boyle is incapable of apologising because the character he has created never does that, he is incapable of being quirky or ironic or old school funny because none of those things are shocking or sickening. Frankie Boyle has become a man who rather than tell edgy jokes like he used to, he takes the theme of the day from the headlines (be it a person or situation) and comes up with the most outrageous comment on it and then hopes people laugh or buy his show tickets, or buy his DVD’s. He’s claimed he wants to retire and walk away from fame many times. But still he’s here making money. Perhaps (as you mention) it says a lot more about society than him that he can get away with it. But the sickos have always been out there, he’s just playing up to them now so he can make enough money to pay £2.7m in tax. In private I’m sure his condemnation of the morons who buy his tickets and DVDs is probably just as strong. He’s clearly a man who gives not a shit about anything and that includes his audience.

  2. It seems that although I have invited dear Frankie to have a read, he seems to have declined the invitation – or at least has kept quiet about it – unikely on both counts…..

  3. As you know i wrote a letter myself, i didn’t mention my own mental health. I have agoraphobia & i too have heard all the jokes. Some are silly, but harmless. I can accept it’s ignorance that leads to conditions and phobias being a good source of comedy. I laughed as i said at the near the edge stuff Frankie initially posted. But dearie me the man is unbearable. It disgusts me that he labels anyone who objects to his insults as trolls. He slates paralympians and yet someone who calls him a wanker is subjected to verbal from the Frankie faithful when he RT’s on Twitter.. There’s a saying in N.Ireland, ” mocking’s catching ” basically whatever you mock comes back to you. I wouldn’t wish illness or disease on anyone but i don’t think Mr Boyle would cope very well if he lost a limb or his eye sight. He sure as fuck wouldn’t have the courage to get on a field and play football. And we all know why, he’d be afraid of the very people who line his pockets.

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