Posted by: docdenbow | September 1, 2012

Doris Karloff’s Jazz Reggae Fusion With Yngwie

Swansea, oh Swansea, a city of joy and romance. City of master musicians and art, renaissance men and women of great genius seem to be on each and every corner of this Welsh metropolitan architectural masterpiece.of fine art and fine music. None more so than the artist, artiste, poet, novelist, archaeologist than Syd Howells. Wiki describes him as

“a Welsh musician, artist and poet. He specialises in lo-fi music and has released approximately 50 CDs and tapes. Notable recordings include;
Southern Discomfort by Thee Babelfish
Techno Fetishists by The Disasters
You Know God Looks Like Klaus Kinski by Syd Howells
as well as a number of recordings with Steveless, a favourite of the late John Peel”

His work with The Disasters is the stuff of legend and recordings are scarce and change hands for many hundreds of pence. The shifting throbbing beats and the pure danceability of the tunes leave most listeners shaking heads in disbelief.

A triumphant return to the stage was made on 25th August 2012 at Wales’ premier venue The Garage some of which has found its’ way onto to YouTube

This band is one of the tiny minority of bands who are still true their roots with each song and album being true to their lo-fi roots.

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the great man which I reproduce here verbatim….

“Syd Howells
Did i tell you i got a mexican strat

no…. is that good ?

Syd Howells
yep, left hooker…2001 model…lovely guitar
got it from crack generator for 189 quid down from 400

Syd Howells
an early **th birthday present

My Strat is really good – an Aria “replica” I paid the princely sum of £45 off Whizzy, I inadvertantly stitched him up

Syd Howells
Fender Mexican is lovely…too good for the likes of me

Crack Generator – love it! Did it include strings and a 1 watt amp?

Syd Howells
i had strings, no amp though

Syd Howells
i’m also waiting for the pignose guitar i won from ebay

pignose??? google time

Syd Howells
travel guitar…very nice

looks cool…..

Syd Howells
got it for 77 with an amp, lead and tuner as they’d advertised it as a children’s guitar…oops


Syd Howells
they’re not usually so cheap

me gonna start strumming again
lots on at the mo’ tho.

Syd Howells
me too…my life is chaos…doris album to be done…………………”

With that tantalizing comment about a Doris Karloff album the interview was over. I was left disappointed and puzzled, disappointed that the interview had ended so abruptly and puzzled. Surely Doris was not going back to the studio?

In desperation I added James as a friend on Facebook but have so far had insufficient courage to approach this doyen of the “Big Guitar.” I am wary of percussionists, besides I know not his name so cannot contact him. Then yesterday a strange thing happened. A thing on a par with spotting a UFO landing in Castle Square – further contact with Syd. I asked him about his recording plans eith The Karloffs he was coy, but then I mentioned the rumour (that I’d made up) of “a jazz reggae fusion with Swedish Axe Maestro Yngwie Malmsteen with added sugar” Syd looked uncomfortable made his excuses and left…………….

Ciao For Now



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