Posted by: docdenbow | August 19, 2012

A Well Paid Bench Warmer

So with an anti climatic trump the football season begins. Is it just me or were you left feeling deflated after sitting through MOTD last night? Perhaps it was the absence of the “Big Guns” of Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City, I don’t know. For me there was no beginning of the season excitement or anticipation. True, my team Wolves had made their way unerringly to the Championship from the Premier League where they, in the early kick off game, maintained the level and performance and results from the tail end of last season and lost. Oh woe is me!

Notwithstanding the excellent result achieved by Swansea at QPR (ps I’ve lived in Swansea for 30 odd years so they’re kind of my 2nd team) the whole opening day was a bit, well you know, blurrggghh!. On MOTD we had Hansen and Shearer again talking the same drivel and using the same catch phrases from last season and possibly many seasons before that. You know the ones –
“Good strike….”
“You can’t defend like that….”
“Closing down….”
“Definite pen……”

I could go on but you get my drift? I mean Hansen almost said “when I were t’lad” when describing how the old Liverpool “used to play it out from the back.” (Another hackneyed cliche) Don’t these chaps ever listen to themselves, or are they just content to pick up a few (!) quid for recycling the same verbal diarrhea week in week out? These pundits really need to decide, or perhaps it’s the BBC who need to decide, whether they are trying to educate morons about football – kick it in the goal – or trying to give a true insight into the tactics and methodology of the teams we get to see in the Premier League.

In fact I would go as far as to say that MOTD should have a kind of diplomatic immunity so that they could explain to viewers exactly how players con the refs, cheat, feign injury and generally kick, foul and intimidate their way (hello Stoke City) to some measure of success. Interviews with managers should be mocked and the interviewers should say things like “Oh please!” or “Give it a rest” when a manager disputes decisions like the showing of a red card, giving a penalty and giving or not giving an offside decision.

Any interviews should include questions like –

“What do you think of the Julian Assange asylum issue?”
“What is 7 x 8 ?”
“How much do you really get paid?”
“What is your social worth?”
“The NHS or Premier League football – discuss……”

Perhaps I’m cynical but what has really pushed me over the edge is the behaviour of Scott Sinclair of Swansea City. This is the chap who before arriving at the Liberty basically had no career as evidenced below.
2004–2005 Bristol Rovers
2005–2010 Chelsea (Loaned out to …….)
2007 → Plymouth Argyle (loan)
2007 → Queens Park Rangers (loan)
2008 → Charlton Athletic (loan)
2008 → Crystal Palace (loan)
2009 → Birmingham City (loan)
2009–2010 → Wigan Athletic (loan)
2010– Swansea City

Now after a couple of successful seasons with Swansea City culminating in selection for the GB Olympic team he wants to move to a bigger club, Man City being favourites to sign him. If he goes to Man City it’ll be to sit on a bench at best and, oh yes, earn a lot of money for doing sweet f.a.

People like Scott Sinclair…….well what can I say? Whatever happened to loyalty and integrity?

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  1. Loyalty and integrity… not two words I’d associate with modern day footballers, sadly! Just look at Stephen Fletcher and Matt Jarvis at the moment mate. It’s sad but just the way things are.

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