Posted by: docdenbow | July 20, 2012

Wallander Is A Bit Rubbish

Been away from home for the past few days and as a result haven’t really found the time or indeed the inclination to sit down and write too much especially as I couldn’t think what to write about. On Sunday night I sat and watched Wallander with my Mom and we were both appalled at the programme. So much so I did start to tap out a post….

Well here we are, just sat through Wallander. 90 minutes of beautifully filmed well acted rubbish. Whoever wrote the screenplay must have been on drugs as the story was completely unintelligible and really the narrative was poor,the dialogue was mumbled. In fact the whole shebang basically went nowhere.

Okay, these sort of things should be commissioned but surely there should be script editors and the tale, in what is basically the detective story should be a little bit easier to follow. I’m the first one to whinge at dumbed down TV, and quite rightly too, but stuff like Wallander irritates as I can just imagine the sort of folks who love this prog say “Yah!” quite often and drink Vin Rouge. It’s not that it’s highbrow that offends me. No, it is its’ very pretension that it is highbrow that offends. Intellectual elitist broadcasting does not bother me in the slightest, but what is basically a gumshoe drama dressing itself as high art and King Kenny being a luvvy in interviews really gets me –

a) reaching for the sick bag.
b) seeking out my RMC (re-mote-control)

Intellectual pretension gnaws away at the bones of our decaying society as the “Yahs!” and “Jolly Goods” nod sagely and discuss what ails the modern world secure in their ignorance that they are terminally stupid.

By the time I got to there I decided that Wallander wasn’t worth the effort. I mean Wallander and Branagh never write about me, so why should I dignify their presence with my undoubted talent?
Besides which having not enjoyed the prog. I wasn’t enjoying writing about it.

That’s the whole point of writing this blog as far as it goes. If I don’t enjoy or get satisfaction from a post then what’s the point? Even if I was writing on a subject that was “difficult” in more ways than one, then although I may not enjoy actually writing it I could probably get satisfaction from the finished article so to speak.

Anyway that’s all for now….more soon

Ciao For Now




  1. I really like it though… accounting for taste eh?

    • each to their own Isuppose, but thanks for reading..

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