Posted by: docdenbow | July 20, 2012

One Day In The Year Of The Fox Came A Time Remembered Well

There are many joys to be had (and that I had) as a person in their late teens and early twenties. The joys that spring to my mind include carefree days of fun, loud music in the Wolverhampton Poly weekend disco, visits to the Laf, late night curries and pizzas and lots and lots of beer and copious amounts of sex. Ah, those indeed were the days. Everything was great, your mates cooler, your girlfriends prettier and sexier than any around in the 21st century. In fact very little sucked. Only the important things. ;0) You could never imagine yourself as an old git, you never thought of becoming an old git. Old gits were parents, drunks in pubs, nutters on buses and such like. We were never going to end up like that. The thought that we may end up as an old git never entered our pretty little empty heads.

Then in stages things happen. Things that make us aware that we are moving along life’s great highway. We pair off, permanently, marriages happen. Children are born, houses are bought. Lads’ nights out become less and less frequent. Jobs and careers fracture even more the circle of friends as the hometown is left behind and “Then one day you wake and find ten years have got behind you……”

For those of us who moved away from the hometown a new life beckoned, sometimes at a great cost. Loneliness, losing friends, family and lovers all for the sake of a career. However with these experiences we become stronger people even if we sometimes look back with regret and longing.

Speaking for myself, there were two events which crushed my love of the West Midlands and Wolverhampton, Bilston, Sedgely and Dudley in particular. Both of these events led me to realise that I’d burnt my bridges there. Moving away had irrevocably ended a relationship and it felt weird initially to be back where I was born without my ex-girlfriend on my arm. As time went on and my wife visited the Midlands with me, this changed. The hammer blow came when my last real mate in Wolverhampton died about ten years ago and in many ways the reasons for my going back came to an end.

So why am I writing this now? I’m really not sure. What’s prompted me to put fingers to the keyboard and write like this? Well, inspiration comes sometimes from the strangest of places. In this case the car park of Morrisons in Bilston.

If you’ve never heard of Bilston just Google it, and I’ll wait.

Ok, done? Good! Now to get on with it. Since I’ve been blogging and Tweeting I have encountered a chappie known as @bilstonjay on Twitter who blogs at who in many ways seems to be kind of a kindred spirit. After a good deal of subterfuge we met, like a couple of spies or a copper and his nark, in a wet car park in Bilston. As I said the car park belongs to Morrisons and although we didn’t see Freddie Flintoff or indeed Richard Hammond or hear Take That we did spend an hour or so discussing the perils and pitfalls of being a self opinionated gonk when writing a blog. One thing Jay did say in the course of our converstaion was that it is no good looking back, as I have done in some of my posts, you need to press on and get on with stuff. Look back by all means but not with regret or any feelings of “what might have beens.”

The day before I had been chatting with my cousin Ruth, and she asked me a question that no one has ever asked me before. She asked me whether I ever felt that having epilepsy had affected my jobs, career, prospects you know the sort of thing. We were talking of times gone by and I vehemently denied that it had. However, the more I think about it the more I realize that it has. As a pretty little empty head I was so intent on showing everyone that a tendency to fall over twitching and foaming at the mouth was not a big deal, that I took on promotions to jobs that given my level of maturity I was patently incapable of doing. As a result of a few bad decisions early on much of my working life has been lurching from employment crisis to another including spending 16 years in a grossly underpaid job working for someone I despised and who had no guilt in exploiting a chap with a confidence crisis who had effectively turned his business around before I crash landed in a call centre 13 years ago. So yes Ruth epilepsy did have an affect on my employment.

So now on 20th July what gives? Well I’ve been driving again for just over a week, and have enjoyed bowling along Mumbles Road in the sun wearing my classic Wayfarers (not like Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun – the proper ones) blasting Jimmy Barnes singing “Stagger Lee.” There are good times ahead.

Don’t ever forget where you came from otherwise you’ll never remember where you’re going.


“Far from the circle, at the edge of the world,
He’s hoping, wondering.
Thinking back on the stories he’s heard of
What he’s going to see.
There, in the middle of a circle it lies.
Heaven help me!
Then all could see by the shine in his eyes
The answer had been found.”

Amen To That!

Ciao For Now




  1. My favourite post so far 🙂

    I like the style, it’s upbeat and bowls along at a bouncy pace. Nice!

    • Probably the most considered piece I’ve put on here or some time.

      Really glad you liked it


  2. That Bilstonjay guy sounds like he knows what he’s talking about and is probably dashing and talented too. Nice post Doc.

  3. […] reason I agree to meet in such a public and open place! You can never be too careful.) Fortunately Docdenbow was normal. I wasn’t too sure who I should be looking for but a lone figure standing, fag in […]

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