Posted by: docdenbow | July 12, 2012

Rt Hon David Cameron MP – Deal Or No Deal?

Do you ever listen to Desert Island Discs? Me neither unless it’s on when I’m in the car. (Hey good does that sound “in the car?) Well Tony Blair chose a cross section of rock and classics. Likewise Gordon Brown. In fact Gordon chose wisely when he picked Kirsty MacColl singing “Days.” Dave Cameron in an effort to “get down with kids” chose 6 rock songs out of his allotted 8.

I do think though that Dave was lying a bit in his song choices for what surely must be his favourite was nowhere to be seen. I speak of course of “Le Boudin” a chartbound sound by the French Foreign Legion. The tune is pretty basic, but fear not it was the lyrics (also known as words) that drew Dave to this piece of French musical culture. Being a well educated if ultimately stupid bastard, I’m sure Dave managed a translation of this –

“Tiens, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin
Pour les Alsaciens, les Suisses et les Lorrains.
Pour les Belges y en a plus.
Pour les Belges y en a plus.
Ce sont des tireurs au cul.
Pour les Belges y en a plus.
Pour les Belges y en a plus.
Ce sont des tireurs au cul.”

To this –

“Here you are, some blood pudding, some blood pudding, some blood pudding
For the Alsatians, the Swiss, and the Lorrains,
For the Belgians, there’s none left,
For the Belgians, there’s none left,
They’re lazy shirkers.
For the Belgians, there’s none left,
For the Belgians, there’s none left,
They’re lazy shirkers.”

Now Cameron seems confused. Doesn’t know who Belgians are and seems to be basically unsure of which is which, arse or elbow. Hundreds have spoken out against Cameron’s alleged commitment to ‘workers’ during PMQs yesterday. Cameron said that his party is for ‘workers not shirkers’, going on to state that the Conservatives ‘back the workers’. Many have disagreed, questioning ‘what workers?’ as that number seems to be ever dwindling.

The announcement yesterday that 27 Remploy factories will close before Christmas has been especially focused on especially as he has effectively booted 1700 people out of work. Hmm, how can you be a worker if the Government sends you a P45 as an early Christmas present? Workers or shirkers you decide, it’s a bit like “Deal Or No Deal” with The Banker wielding ultimate power. Good innit?

Yeah, what about the workers then Dave? Yes mate from out of your own Eton educated gob you are leading a party for the workers. Well, Dave my boy I’m a worker, having only signed on for 4 weeks in a 36 year working life, what have you done for me or are going to do for me? Let me see, allow employers to not give ANY pay increases or derisory amounts whilst their profits and acquisitions soar. Keep on wacking tax on petrol so that those poor bastards amongst us who do actually work are getting to the stage where they can’t afford to get to work. Then you Dave, yes you, the boy with the silver spoon, have the barefaced cheek to call huge numbers of our population shirkers. Funny that, I’ve never seen the Duke Of Westminster on a till in Lidl, so what does that workshy git get up to? I dunno but possibly fuck all. Plays golf, shoots things is my guess. So is he a worker or a shirker Dave? Do tell.

Yeah while we do find the underclass on The Jeremy Kyle Show to be shining yet odious examples of shirkers there are many more of the unemployed who are not shiftless, listless, lazy bastards. What are you Dave doing to help them? There is bugger all in the way of jobs to go to, or even go for, that pay anymore than minimum wage, and if you’ve got kids what’s the point? Can you blame the toothless crones of daytime TV for not bothering to work? Food for thought……..

I won’t write about Clegg – he’s an unelected to high office wanker.

So at 53 where’s the hope for me to see an improved standard of living? In truth there isn’t one. There are more and more things that I can’t afford to buy, more and more things that I can’t afford to do. Like people all over the country I am having to retreat behind my front door because stepping out involves spending money – money I haven’t got.

Dave, you promised a Big Society, so where the fuck is it?

Ciao For Now





  1. Totally agree 100%. I was thinking of a rant about David Cameron but I might just stand back and admire your rant instead! Nice work mate, we’re all in it together my arse! Big Society – Big Load of Bollocks more like.

  2. Yes, human beings love people and use things, but Tories love things and use people.

  3. You sir are an idiot, I am surprised born in the 1950’s you would think you had some nous!
    Firstly the conservatives inherited a financial mess, even one of the outgoing ministers left a note saying that there was no money, that’s responsible isn’t it.
    Secondly the electorate did not give the conservatives a clear mandate, they had to cobble together with the liberal democrats.
    Thirdly they have only been in power under three years.
    So with labour leaving them empty coffers, the electorate demanding they make good on their promises but not giving them a majority so it makes it difficult to pass the changes you promised and only being in power a short time what do you as an “intelligent” 1959’s person expect?
    You stoop to talking nonsense and then falling to you correct level by resorting to foul language because you lack vocabulary.
    You must be a labour supporter well that says it all, in the words of a certain entertainer,”another fine mess.”
    Labour will probably come in at the next election because idiots like you cannot see the wood for trees, you want the life labour gave you, benefits, benefits, benefits, spend, spend,spend.
    Except this time while the conservatives are trying to get us out of the mess they were left, labour may find that there is not enough money yet to run riot and spend, spend, spend.
    Wake up!

    • First and foremost may I offer to you my profound gratitude for reading my posting and furthermore taking up some of your valuable time in order to write your observations and opinions.

      I do take exception when you brand as an idiot as I do not consider myself to be an a stupid person with a mental age below three years. However, we’ll let that pass.

      Pray let us move on. Whilst taking me to task for the use of what you state to be ” foul language because you lack vocabulary,” (if that offends please accept my apologies) I do believe that you are missing the points that I was trying to make. My opening salvo was an observation that politicians of all parties do tend to go on Desert Island Discs and their musical choice in many instances can be interpreted as an attempt to show just how much they are in touch with current trends. This is not a million miles away from Ed Balls and David Milliband queuing in Greggs for pasties. A blatant bit of showboating – as was David Cameron’s assertions regarding his purchase of pasties at some railway station or other.

      “Labour will probably come in at the next election because idiots like you cannot see the wood for trees, you want the life labour gave you, benefits, benefits, benefits, spend, spend,spend.”

      Don’t you think that people like me are entitled to any benefit when I have worked with just a 4 week gap in 36 years? If that is so I wonder where you would stand on that benefits issue should you require assistance. Or do you have private means?

      Finally, had you read other posts on this blog, you may have observed that much of what I write is tongue in cheek and IS just my opinion.

      Once again I thank you for your feedback.


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