Posted by: docdenbow | July 5, 2012

Boing Boing Boing Went My Coil Spring

My car is going for it’s MOT tomorrow in preparation for me being back on the road next Thursday after my 12 month medical suspension. In March 2011 it went through the test with any problem. Not surprising since at that time it had barely done 13000 miles. In July last year after my last epileptic fit the car was duly put into its’ (dry) garage like a little puppy to await its’ master return. Just about every week I started the car, took it from the garage and warmed the engine up and drove up and down the little compound where the garage is going from lock to lock on the steering and tapping the brakes to keep the discs and shoes moving.

All good in the hood as they say. I booked the car in for the MOT and on Tuesday morning nipped down to the garage to ensure the car would start ok come tomorrow. The little Polo fired first time and I reversed it carefully from the garage. I gently revved the engine and let it stand idling for a couple of minutes before taking it to about 2000 rpm and holding it there to warm it up. I then drove up and down the compound tapping the brakes as I’ve just said. Anyway to get to the point, the engine was good and warm and I decided it was time to put the car back into the garage. As I turned to the right to enter the garage I heard, and felt, a God Almighty BOING.

“WTF!” I thought.

I jumped out of the car and had a look underneath in search of the – hoped for – lump of wood or similar that I’d driven over. No such luck. Seem something in the car had “let go.” A bit of Googling and a couple of phone calls has led me to believe that the coil spring has snapped. If it’s just that it’ll cost about £100 to fix. I hope it’s just that as I want my little VW Polo SE 1.4 FSI to be able to add to its’ 14100 miles as soon as possible with the minimum cash outlay.

Hey ho – at least I’ll be back on the road next week.

Ciao For Now



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