Posted by: docdenbow | June 23, 2012

If You’ve Nothing To Say……..

I’ve been silent on this for a few days on the grounds that if you have nothing to say that’s worthwhile then keep your gob shut. Mind you very little of what I say or write is worthwhile, or that’s how it seems to me, as virtually all of my opinions are ignored. I guess that I’m a pretty insignificant individual best suited to a dissolute lifestyle living as an expat in some faraway land. That or living in the wilds of Scotland (or West Wales) where I could be hated just for being me – an Englishman.

When I was growing up there was no sense of national pride in being English. The England teams in football, rugby and cricket were uniformly shite and it was only in strikes and power cuts that we led the world. The Cross Of St.George had been hijacked by the odious National Front, so even if you were a patriot you had no emblem you could use because should you choose to hang your Cross Of St.George flag from your house on the 23 April, then likely as not you would be firebombed by the Anti Nazi League. Happy days!

So back to me and me and my lack of significance. Many people around, friends, family, work associates accuse me of being miserable, sulky and so on. Well I disagree with that. True I do let things get “under my skin” from time to time, who doesn’t, but I really think people’s opinions of me are way off the mark. Most don’t seem to understand my humour and sense of irony. Far too many take the piss on the grounds that I seldom react and they seem to think that I enjoy being the butt of their so called humourous remarks and cat calls.

I am English, I’m from Wolverhampton and some of the residents of Swansea where I live, find it acceptable to rip the piss out of me because I’m English. I have a different accent to them and don’t sound like Siadwel from “Naked Video” and don’t end every little phrase with “See” and don’t refer to every male as a “Boy” irregardless of their age. I’m supposed to find this xenophobic shit funny guess what ? I don’t. I could go on but my house would probably be set alight by the para military wing of Plaid Cymru on the grounds that it’s a holiday home – but there you are.

It’s for this reason that living somewhere remote appeals to me. That or living in some large city that’s a bit cool, like Paris, where I could blend anonymously into the faceless crowds sipping alcohol free vin rouge and smoking a Gauloise beside a sunkissed boulevard whilst discussing Jim Morrison with an impressionable young beauty. In the main I don’t dislike cities, just the wankers who live there. People are what spoils this world. Without them everything would be jake. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but largely it’s true.

Perhaps if real people were obliterated and replaced by characters of my choosing from literature then would the world be any better?

There is no future in England’s dreaming…….

Ciao For Now



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