Posted by: docdenbow | May 26, 2012

The Madcap Still Laughs

I watched a programme tonight on the TV about the recording of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” “WYWH” is possibly my favourite Pink Floyd album, but so saying that, but it seems to an inescapable conclusion that recording it tipped Roger Waters over the edge. David Gilmour came across as a measured lucid individual – a true musician – whereas Roger Waters came across to me at least as a burnt out old hippy.

Floyd went on to record “The Wall” and “The Final Cut” before Waters finally threw his hand in and buggered off for an increasingly turgid solo career that harps on more than Uncle Albert in Only Fools And Horses did about World War 2. True he did make the fine album “The Pro’s and Cons Of Hitchhiking,” but he has toured his version of “The Wall” over and over to the point of boredom. Besides, would you rather see Bernie Taupin or Elton John In Concert? Okay don’t shoot but a non musical lyricist against a musician who can actually sing AND play his chosen instrument. In my mind I’d go to see Gilmour any day of the week rather than the self pitying egotistical meglomania of Waters.

Back to the documentary, find any old dood who doesn’t like Shine On You Crazy Diamond and I’ll show you a soulless moron. (or someone who has never heard it) This epic is grandoise in it’s simplicity with its’ four note call inviting you in to listen to the sad tale of Syd Barrett’s ultimate demise. This was truly Pink Floyd at its’ peak. The guitar motif and the excellent Waters penned lyrics convey a bitter sweet feeling towards Syd who had been the architect of his own destruction. (BTW Waters wasn’t totally burnt out or bonkers at this stage……)

And then there’s Syd. The Golden Child, the boy genius the boy wonder. The eccentric gifted butterfly, perhaps the only true psychedelic musician to come from the UK. His looks, his style, his music and his joie de vivre eclipsed by the effects of a reckless hedonistic lifestyle. In an all too brief musical career there are hints of the greatness that he could have achieved, but with Syd in tow Pink Floyd would never have developed into the band that they were.

The Madcap Still Laughs,

Ciao For Now



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