Posted by: docdenbow | May 16, 2012

Swap Carroll for Torres

Looking at the BBC Sport website I found the comments below on a discussion or comments section. This is all about John Terry.

“At 16:52 11th May 2012, romeo wrote:

Only considering his football ability so ignoring the fact he’s been accused of racism on two occasions (of course he’s innocent as things stand), gave people a tour of Stamford Bridge to earn a bit of extra money, slept with his friends fiance/girlfriend etc

Looking at his history:

During Euro 2004 Sol Campbell had a late goal disallowed as England fought to make progress in their quarter-final clash with hosts Portugal, with the score tied at 1–1, Campbell won a header in the opposition six-yard box to score what seemed to be a late winner for England. However, John Terry had pushed Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo and the referee gave a free kick. The game ended 2–2 after extra time, and England lost the penalty shoot-out.

John Terry was named England captain in 2006, so was the man chosen to lead England to Euro 2008. However, with Terry as captain, England did not qualify for Euro 2008 – their first absence from a tournament finals since the 1994 World Cup. Terry accepted that he was fully responsible.

In the champions league final 2008 John Terry couldn’t handle the pressure and missed what would have been the winning penalty. Manchester United went on to lift the trophy (making everyone sick).

During World Cup 2010, in the last 16 vs Germany, John Terry forgot his defensive duties and decided that he was an attacker and his lack of defending helped England lose 4-1.

In the champions league semi final 2012 John Terry couldn’t handle the pressure of the occasion and kicked out at Alexis Sanchez, resulting in Terry being shown a red card and leaving his team to play with 10 men. Ivanovic was shown a yellow card during the same incident for standing up for Terry and as a result also misses the champions league final.

To sum it up – it was his fault England got knocked out of Euro 2004, it was his fault England didn’t qualify for Euro 2008, it was his fault Chelsea didn’t win the Champions League in 2008, it was partly his fault England got knocked out of World Cup 2010, it will be his fault if Chelsea don’t win the champions league this year because he’s banned for it and so is Ivanovic and with Luiz and Cahill currently injured do Chelsea even have any centre backs?”

So on the strength of this, “Captain Courageous” has been selected to play in the European Championships possibly at the expense of Rio Ferdinand or because Mr. Ferdinand refused to play in the same team or been a member of a squad with someone accused of racially abusing his sibling. True “Captain Courageous” is no longer going to be Captain, but does that really matter? In my opinion the England team would be far better off without John Terry, the chav’s hero, and this is just the first of Roy Hodgson’s mistakes in the selection of his new squad.

What on God’s earth did Roy think he was doing when he picked Stewart “overrated” Downing? This is a man who proves that transfer fees bear in inverse relationship to effectiveness on a football field. The least said about Andy Carroll the better – he’s simply a rubbish player and England would have been better off with Grant Holt, Danny Graham or Peter Crouch. They would have been better off with Jay Bothroyd and he is epically crap.

Epically crap brings me pretty neatly to the odious Joey Barton. As a footballer Barton is not epically crap. Definitely not. As a human being he is. He’s cowardly, cunning violent and vile. The outbursts on Twitter following his well deserved dismissal against Manchester City sickened me to my stomach. Whilst Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker et al are far from perfect human beings – they’d say so themselves – in comparison to Barton they are Saints, gentlemen, mature. Barton, on the other hand I believe is a 29 year old spoilt brat who is an anathema to modern society and professional sport in particular. his track record of crimes and misdemeanours read like a rap sheet in a splendidly hackneyed T.V. cop show.


A man capable of doing that to a fellow human being, let alone a work colleague in the workplace,  has little or no place in society and I sincerely hope that he gets a life ban and that QPR sack him for gross misconduct with no pay off. It’s the least he deserves.

Then there’s King Kenny Dalglish. The Liverpool owners of the inscrutable Scot have finally grown tired of lavishing him with grillions of pounds to weaken the team and his dubious support of Luis Suarez during the “Evra Affair.” It’s all very well having a humungous transfer budget but if you buy badly (Jordan Henderson for example) then the Sword Of Damocles will be constantly swinging to and fro.

So where now Liverpool?

It strikes me that the job of manager at LFC is one that these days comes with far too much expectation. LFC have had their glory days of domination, but that was when Hansen and Lawrenson were boys and touched briefly upon it with Rafa Benitez. Such is the fickle nature of football that Rafa was sacked and replaced by Roy Hodgson and then Dalglish. Liverpool now appear to be in freefall given their status as one of the biggest names in European football. This is not a job for the likes of Roberto Martinez or Brendan Rodgers. This is a job for Rafa Benitez, and he should be dragged back to Anfield to restore the glory days.

Oh yes and to swap Carroll for Torres (give Chelsea Downing as well)

Ciao For Now




  1. As usual Doc I agree with you. This England Squad, the first squad picked by a man I thought wad one of principle, is the same old pile of tripe wheeled out for the past umpteen years. Why pick Terry, Barry, Cole or Lampard? Why select Downing or Johnson? Please do not get me started on Carrol or Gerrard.

    All of them overrated.

    The expected demise of King Kenny is long overdue. The Suarez episode should have been his final act. His support for that odious little racist was beyond the pale.

    Finally, Joey Barton. Why won’t he just fuck off?


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