Posted by: docdenbow | May 12, 2012

A Danceable Solution To A Teenage Revolution

As I’ve already mentioned in this ‘ere blog of mine, I was a slightly confused individual when it came to music when I was but a callow youth. Whilst it’s true to say that I loved the Glenn Hughes era Trapeze was also partial to a touch of Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zep, my first love was Roxy Music. I wrote about my excitement at buying the first album here Here so you can imagine the anticipation with which I awaited the second album.

The cover was even more evocative of the style and sophistication than that of the first album, especially with the band camping it up playing a series of bizarre and exotive guitars. There was a leggy beauty seemingly awaiting a ride from a grinning laughing chauffeur whilst walking a big, black, snarling almost cartoon like, panther.

The music contained within the confines of this delicious cover was indeed hinted at by the style and panache of the artwork. Once more I don’t intend giving you a track by track review of the songs on this second Roxy masterpiece, but rather I’ll relate to you a little story that I remember about it……………

At the time the album came out my favourite tracks were “Do The Strand” and “Editions Of You.” The former being the first track was especially played to death and I knew every word, every nuance of Ferry’s odd but compelling vocal style. When I saw an import copy of the single advertised in some music paper I badgered my Mom to order it for me (can’t remember how you were to pay – postal order I think) so that I could ruin a single rather than the LP. It was ordered and I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited.

It never came. Eventually little 14 year old me phoned this Scottish Record Shop (would it have been Bruce’s?) to enquire in a 14 year old way where my single was. According to them they’d “sold out.” When I told them I’d ordered one out of Melody Maker (?) as a pre-order (in next week the ad had said) they said they’d lost my order but then offered to send me my money back. I was a bit disappointed, but decided if I was careful with my Garrard SP25 then no harm would come to the second Roxy album. 39 years on “Do The Strand” sounds good to me and still a little “avant garde. Judge for yourself.

This album was the last Roxy album to feature the other worldly sonic colourings of the genius that is Brian Eno, and Roxy’s direction I feel moved more mainstream when he’s departed. Eno did go on to great things as a producer with bands like U2, but there are a couple of “lost” albums he released that are worth a spin. “Here Come The Warm Jets,” and “Taking Tiger Mountain.” Go seek them out as if you like early Roxy Music then these will be right up your boulevard.

Oh yes and when my wife was pregnant with our first, I used to croon Ferryesque at the baby bump “Beauty Queen” from “For Your Pleasure.”
“Valerie please believe it never could work out.”

And she’d kick like crazy.

Was she dancing or trying to tell me that I can’t sing?

I really should be told.

Ciao For Now



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