Posted by: docdenbow | May 10, 2012

City In My Head

Just wondering about the voice in my head. It’s said that hearing a voice or voices is a true sign of insanity. However that being said a thought occurred to me. What if the voice in your head is perfectly sane and rational and the person on the outside is gaga? Where does that leave the whole “voices in the head loony” scene?

Todd Rundgren (who? Google him!) wrote a song called “Utopia – City In My Head” so he must have a few voices buzzing around.

“City in my head
Heaven in my body
Into the sky
It rises now”

Totally hatstand!

Then again he wrote a song call “I Saw The Light” which is so good I don’t care whether or not he’s a loony. Look at this video, he’s the dude playing the green guitar.

Yet in society isn’t it true that we’re prepared to gloss over and ignore people’s life issues if they amuse, enlighten or entertain us. Sorry if this sounds cruel, but someone like Tony Hancock would not have been the peerless performer he was without the bouts of black depression. Art Pepper’s tortured yet lyrical and emotional alto sax made beautiful by lifelong heroin addiction. Jim Morrison, a soul who lived on the boundaries of art and the brink of alcoholism. Georgie Best, the finest footballer of his generation who pissed his talent up against the wall and finally watched his life go down the drain. Likewise Alex Higgins.

Now these few people are and were hero worshipped by us the great unwashed. Had they not been blessed with their “gifts” would they have been pushed to their self destructive behaviour or would a life of mundanity have permitted these people to have been a part of this life for longer? Would we have even wished to have been in their company had they not scaled the heights or would they be like the piss head in the local pub – best avoided?

And that’s where the difference truly lies. These people that I have mentioned apparently succumb to temptation and pressure. I’m not so sure as many recovering addicts feel that the temptation and the cash they earned was incidental and virtually all believe that they would have found a substance to abuse no matter where their life would have led them. My belief is that the whole problem is exacerbated by the media. A few years ago little was reported apart from the fact that the likes of Richard Burton were portrayed as “hell raisers.” Yeah right. If the Port Talbot lad had got a job in the steelworks instead of the stage he would have been just another drunk in a Workingman’s Club. Not someone talked up in the press, and he would have had bog all chance of pulling a foxy chick like Liz Taylor.

Back to the old voices in the head malarkey. Is that not just your thoughts and thought processes discussing life, the universe and everything? (no not the Douglas Adams book!) Isn’t it far better to be a considered human being than a hothead. Most of us would love to be known as thoughtful as that implies consideration of others and having empathy for how people around you feel. So what I’m getting at is that now and again you should listen to the random voices (which are really thoughts) consider them and act accordingly. These voices sometimes should be acted on immediately (impulsiveness) without thought because if they’re not then the moment may be passed. All this last bit is a bit hippy dippy bullshit, but I’m trying to give you food for thought.

Ciao For Now,



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