Posted by: docdenbow | April 19, 2012

Happy Days In Clyne Valley

I am very fortunate to live beside Clyne Valley in Swansea. It is a 700 acre area a true country park, and has just about the lot – everything you could wish for.  Wooded tree lined hillsides, steep gorges and quarries to meadowland and wet valley floor. This variety provides a range of habitats for tons of different plants and animals.There are loads of birds, common types such as wagtails, wrens, nuthatches, robins and woodpeckers care there along with the more unusual nightjars, blackcaps and buzzards. (Or so a twitcher told me the other day) Small mammals in the area include grey squirrels, badgers and foxes. I know that because I’ve seen them, ok haven’t seen a badger but I know they’re there. The Clyne River weaves through the area (it is a bit diddy tho’) and there are a few lakes and ponds. In addition there are a number of manmade water courses or the remnants of them.

When my kids were little we used to set off each and every Sunday in the summer months for a good old yomp. Me with a little backpack full of the usual pop, crisps, sandwiches and all the things needed for taking 2 little girls on a route march. We went into the quarry, climbed what seems like an impossibly steep path for little ’uns to what’s known as “The Gamekeeper’s Cottage,” and had an amazing panoramic view over Swansea Bay.

From there we walked for a mile or so past the old ruins of the arsenic works and out onto the beach where we’d have a rest. Once there we’d have a little drink and then set off up the paved cycle track track (this was a railway line in days of yore) and make our way into the adventure playground where these 2 girls of seemingly boundless energy would play on the slide and swings. Then we’d set off home for about a mile and about half where I would be faced with 2 increasingly cranky girls who were getting more and more tired with every step taken.

Once we got back home my wife would feed and water us all and after a bath 2 exhausted girls would settle down in bed, usually together,  to watch TV before they fell asleep. Thinking back to those times, it seems like the summer was perfect – just like your own memory of childhood.

Ciao for Now – Thinking Of Happy Times



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