Posted by: docdenbow | April 3, 2012

96,600 hits on Google

I discovered something yesterday. Something that to my little brain seems or seemed to be a pointless invention and indeed procedure given where my knowledge was at that point in time. I was travelling on a train (remember them) and my journey took me through Neath. (that’s in Wales folks!) It was at this humble little station that I first became aware of this shattering concept in fence protection. I initially thought that what I saw was some elaborate ruse or as it was April 1st, a brilliant April Fool’s joke. This idea was reinforced given the locations of the signs drawing one’s attention to this invention.

Once at home, tea drank and bags unpacked out came my X200 laptop and research commenced. I typed in my search into Google and was met by 96,600 hits. If this was an April Fool’s joke then it was certainly one of fiendish brilliance. 96,600 hits! So what was this inventive product that had me puzzled, incredulous and thinking that I was a victim of an All Fool’s Day joke? It was “Anti Climbing Paint.”

Now some of you may be familiar with this product – I certainly wasn’t – but via the magic of that thing called Google I am now. Now this stuff is meant to be put onto high fences, telegraph poles, lamposts and such like. Yup, ideal for stopping little chavs from scaling the heights when trying to deface or break into somewhere. At Neath station there were signs everywhere announcing the use of “Anti Climbing Paint.” I saw what seemed to be half a dozen on a tiny platform, all of these signs acting as warnings to naughty little boys.

The thing is that I feel that the “Anti Climbing Paint” was totally unnecessary in the places where the signs were advertising its’ usage. You see the fence that the “Anti Climbing Paint” was protecting was probably no more than 4 feet high. In front of this fence stood a metal bench which was handily screwed to the concrete deck of the platform so it would be easy for even a geriatric like me to vault the fence without touching it in the style of Colin Jackson.

Given that 5 litres of the stuff costs £30 I think Arriva Trains should think again and drop their fares.

Just a thought.

Ciao For Now Hurdlers




  1. What does it do? Is it really slippery?

    • It is slippery and has good chav staining properties……helping naughty chavs to be readily identified by the forces of law and order

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