Posted by: docdenbow | March 27, 2012

The Season Of Crap Reality TV

January brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow.
February brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen lake again
March brings singers,
Loud and shrill,
Idiots on The Apprentice
Who make you feel quite ill…………………………………….

Alrighty, so the last 2 lines don’t scan, but who gives a rats arse about that?

Yes folks it’s March, March 2012 to be precise and the season of crap reality TV is upon us. We have thickos on The Apprentice, people proving conclusively the Britain’s Got No Talent and something called The Voice – which sounds just like X-Factor except the nutcases have been filtered out by some kind of screening process. Then there’s the add on programmes that clutter up the schedules like discarded soiled underwear. Who actually watches these programmes? For sure I don’t, I won’t for I am getting older and every minute of my time is precious to me.

It’s true that I watch TV, but I like good drama, documentaries – programmes that are produced, made and don’t just consist of pointing a camera at some oik or wannabe and editing the resultant recordings for maximum sensation. Lots of people like Downton Abbey, I don’t because I think it’s boring and predictable, but it’s well produced and thoughtfully put together. Do we all have to put up with reality TV shit in order to get programmes like Downton Abbey?

I can just imagine 2 TV execs bartering around a table exchanging 1 Downton Abbey for a BGT and a TOWIE and some other crap that follows around a chef you’ve never heard of telling pure twats that they are eating and drinking badly and offer to cook for them for a day – leaving the poor twats hungry and bewildered but undoubtedly healthier after a diet of nouvelle cuisine. This reality crap – is it responsible for the “dumbing down” of TV in the UK? Well, no I don’t think so. This garbage is pumped out and the viewing public is dumb enough to watch it. So what does the viewing public get? Seemingly endless variations on the theme, that’s what the public get. If the viewing public didn’t watch this pap then the TV companies would have to think again and come up with something more appealing.

But, it doesn’t quite work that way. It’s all about costs and revenue, especially for the commercial stations. Low costs, revenue from ads – drinks all round. My thought is that reality TV is important to the TV companies because of things like Twitter (especially) and Facebook. If you use Twitter you will see a timeline full of Apprentice stuff, for example, that is often very funny – you don’t get this if you record the prog. You need to see the talent shows live as you will get spoiler as to who gets the boot. These types of progs are perhaps the only one that are viewed live rather than recorded and fast forwarded to miss out the ads and boring bits.

Live TV = Advertising Revenue
Recorded TV = Bugger All

The BBC is not guilt free either. Money pissed away on exhorbitant salaries for “personalities,” (wonder how much they’re paying Graham Norton?) whilst a drama like “Waking The Dead” is flushed down the crapper. BBC 3 dumped “Mongrels” probably their best prog, why? My guess is cost.

So there you are – you watch The Apprentice, BGT, The Voice, X-Factor, Big Brother, TOWIE, Strictly Come Dancing and probably much more that I can remember – that all adds up to quite a few hours being shovelled shit. Perhaps you’re getting what you deserve………..

Ciao For Now Viewers



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