Posted by: docdenbow | March 18, 2012

Big Hair & Tight Trousers & 80s/90s Rock

Over the past few days I have come to the conclusion about 2 things about myself. These 2 things are self revelatory and a little worrying. Let me begin to explain what these 2 things that are self revelatory and a little worrying actually are.

1) I’m getting old. (The years are slipping by…..)
2) I have intermittently poor musical taste.

1) The reason I have come to the conclusion is that when I play some of my CDs, and then look at the date they came out I am actually dumbfounded. I mentioned Jellyfish in an earlier post, that album came out 20 years ago. The Roxy Music album I wrote about was thirty years ago. In terms of music time seems to be compressed in mind. What in my memory is a year or 2 ago actually turns out to be much, much longer.

2) My musical taste does not make me exactly a musical giant in terms of taste. True I listen to Scott Walker who is a real critics darling. I listen to Miles Davies, Art Pepper and Tubby Hayes. I’m partial to a touch of Roxy Music and the Albion Band. I give Jeff Buckley a spin. I passionately hate U2 and all who sail in her. However, but and a few other words like however and but, I also quite like David Lee Roth, Aerosmith, Cinderella and The Cult. Does that make me a bad person? There’s quite a few others in that sort of genre that I like. Terrible.

Yet aside from the dodgy clothes what’s wrong with this – as a song?

Some of the songs by these 80s and early 90s big hair and tight trousered bands were of real quality. Aerosmith’s “Pump” from 1989 is probably the best album of their career and many bands that have followed since. Cinderella’s “Heartbreak Station” is a particular favourite of mine as well. The Cult, for me, never made that one great album but each album tended to have a gem on it, such as “Outlaw,” “Sun King” and course “She Sells Sanctuary.”

Aerosmith have never sounded better than on this – scarily nearly 20 years ago!

So what am I trying to say? Well, I think that largely your taste in music is the one constant in any music fans life. To my mind a song is a song is a song. It’s the manner of performance that pigeon holes it. In terms of “manner of performance” who could ever top the great Diamond Dave. Great then and great now!



I guess I’m just an old glam rocking headbanger at heart!

Ciao For Now (Now Where’s Me Spandex?)



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