Posted by: docdenbow | March 17, 2012

I’m Starting To Hate Football.

Bill Shankly once said, “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” When I now look around at the media, peoples’ attitudes and obsessions it has become clear to me that this quote that I always took to be humourous and tongue in cheek has somehow turned out to be prophetic of life in the 21st century. For a proportion of the population sport has become a metaphor for life. By that I mean that there are people in this country who are a waste of oxygen and would be ideally suited to being organ donors – preferably before their death, who think they are somehow superbeings because of the simple fact that they have chosen, yes chosen, to support a successful football team.

These morons do this because then they can feel superior to any unfortunates who are fans of teams from where they were born, or live. Sky bloody Sports must shoulder the lion’s share of the blame for this as chavs and chavlets get to see back to back football on their satellites and can even with their limited intellect work out what are the better teams. After all it’s showed to you after the game, and for those who lack the ability to read, the pundits tell you about 60 million times.

Don’t start me on the players – these barely articulate morons are seen by the chavs and chavlets as something to aspire to. I can only think of a few Premier League footballers who I would consider to be good role models – as if anyone of sound mind would want to be a granny shagging Shrek-a-like. But when I criticize I get told “ah but look at the money John Terry’s got.” True the bastard is loaded – but he is also amoral. His list of crimes and misdeamenours are disgusting. This stalwart of the English game and England captain (oops he’s been stripped of that again) has in the past pissed into a beer glass in a nightclub in full view, I believe he’s also been charged with GBH, then there’s the infamous fling with a team mate’s ex-partner. To cap it all he stands accused of telling Anton Ferdinand to “f*** off you black c***.)

Yes, that’s the captain of England – captain courageous, leader of men. The man that kids up and down the country seek to emulate. This country is bloody fantastic ain’t it? He’s a real hero – just wish he’d buggered off to Huddersfield when he had the chance, he’d probably be in jail right now if he had. Wonder if he’d have gone into any of the family businesses to try and increase his pay? John Terry is an odious individual who deserves non of the plaudits that he ever receives for being a good footballer

To be fair, it’s not just John Terry who is a despicable moronic, vile chav, the Premier League is full of similar individuals who can get away with their terrible behaviour because they’re famous and very wealthy and can afford damned good lawyers and PR. Hello Ryan “model professional” Giggs.

As a result of the obscene wages paid to players these days, we have seen club sell their souls to some foreign quintillionaire who in exchange for success rips the very heart from the club. Other clubs go deeply into debt hoping to ride on the coat tails of the top “sponsored” clubs. And what’s going to happen when the wealthy owners tire of football? What’s going to happen when the Sky mob offer less and less money for the Premier League coverage and give a take it or leave it ultimatum? Then we’ll soon have Uefa’s Financial Fair Play which will screw over the “sponsored by a zillionaire clubs.” Sad to say I think there’ll be a few more clubs joining the likes of Portsmouth and Rangers in deep, deep shit.

So there you have it….. the beautiful game is well and truly f****ed, killed by greed and money men trying to buy success and filling teams of cheats who will do anything to win. – dive, feign injury etc etc What price a top player being done for performance enhancing drugs sometime soon? Don’t worry it will happen. There’s too much at stake, to much money too be made.

God, I’m starting to hate football – But I do like to rant

Ciao For Now – They Used To Play With A Laced Leather Ball




  1. Football these days reminds me of the WWE Or WWF (wrestling) . Made up stories from different clubs and managers and over acting players when faking injury. No one. Should ever take a dive or feign injury again after witnessing today’s incident . Take a leaf out of the code of conduct of the game of rugby…….and learn.

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