Posted by: docdenbow | March 15, 2012

It’s No Good Crying Over Spilt Milk

This afternoon after putting together a garden wishing well my daughter bought from B & M, I had to go to the dentist. Just a routine check. Not so long ago I would have just jumped into the car and zoomed down there, now for reasons explained in this blog post EPILEPSY , it’s out of the question. Going on the bus was also out of the question as the bus times are irregular, and the bus sop is so far away from the dentist that I may as well walk, after all it only takes about 20 minutes and thought to my self that it wouldn’t do be any harm.

Having decided to walk I just had to get out the iPod and decide what to listen to. I have the iPod classic and it has a 160gb hard drive capacity, so not exactly spoiled for choice. whilst having my last coffee before cleaning my teeth (again) I decided to play the Jellyfish album “Spilt Milk.”

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I had a shit job in a record shop in Swansea Market once upon a time, and there is little that I wish to remember of those day. The thing that I look back on with fondness and nostalgia is the music.

One of the albums from that dark era of my life is the Jellyfish album “Spilt Milk.” I was always the one that “discovered” new bands and albums. On this occasion I wasn’t. A callow youth by the name of Stevan Thorne (now of somewhere dead cold and snowy) decided to play this and I have to say I was surprised that it sounded nothing like Skid Row or Motley Crue which were but 2 of the pretty crap bands that he used to go and on about. As a little aside he looked more than a little like Seb Bach, proper little rock star lookalike he was – never gave me his Dr.Feelgood leather jacket either – the bastard.

Back to Jellyfish……there are insufficient superlatives in any lexicon to describe the quality of the songs and performances on “Spilt Milk.” The lyrics are clever and inventive. The harmonies bring to mind such diverse bands as the Beach Boys, the Turtles, 10cc and there are even shades of Queen (without the overblown ostentation) If I had to compare it to any band Squeeze would spring to mind – and the Beatles.

When I think of some of the complete and utter tripe that has been successful I despair at both humanity and more especially the music buying public. I would go as far as to say that they should’ve been huge, mega – bigger than the Beatles. It grieves me to say they weren’t and this – only their second album was the end. I reckon in an alternative reality this album sold 20 million and many more great Jellyfish followed. For your information the first album “Bellybutton” was shit hot as well, just not quite as good to me. Jellyfish reflected some of their glory onto McFly who has a Number 1 in the UK with a song from “Bellybutton,” “Baby’s Coming Back.

Ciao For Now

Remember Even The Critics Can’t Outrun The Ghost At Number 1




  1. This brought a plast from my past. Happy and sad memories all in one. Shit job as it was Den, I did have the pleasure of working with you and Kev and learning more about music as a whole and appreciating all aspects of it thanks to you both. It wasn’t just Jellyfish I “introduced” though- The Wildhearts were mine as well IIRC thanks to Bronze records/Pete Winkleman.

    I may have (apparently) looked like the said “Bach” but In my rather sad memory, I’d like to think that it was due to me being skinny and long-haired. Though I may like to add I have acheived my ambition to be like Vince Neil. I’m now fat, old and can’t sing, so there’s hope for us all 🙂

    Oh, I never did find that jacket- I blame my Mum. However, if I do find it- it’s yours.

  2. Oh, by the way. I had to google the fact that McFly really did cover “Baby’s Coming Back”. I now wish I didn’t, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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